road closure costs


so we know that road closures are costly. this half marathon is shutting the motorway so you can run on itimage

now thats a first 



  • Looks like only a part of the HM is on the motorway. Think I would find it quite boring to run 13.1 miles on a motorway.
  • but the views are lovely.unless its windy.cycled over the bridge many times...if there is a north wind its scary image


  • I think the views look stunning image

    Be even better if they ran it at dusk like in the pic.

  • I agree seren! Looks like a lovely view and I meant it as a compliment that only the start is on the motorway.
  • Thanks for the link Seren, might think about doing that image

  • GNR Starts on Newcastle's Central Motorway I think?


  • Glasgow Half uses the M8 over Kingston Bridge IIRC

  • so closing a motorway isn't won't be perfectly flat as there is a fair gradient over the bridge

  • Strangely tempting - thanks for sharing!


  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    40 minutes wrote (see)

    Strangely tempting - thanks for sharing!


    Do you feel a club road trip coming on?


     - Not possible, the road is closed...


  • 40 minutes, I've never really looked at your avatar before, what is going on there??

  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)

    40 minutes, I've never really looked at your avatar before, what is going on there??


    There have been many theories, my favourite being that the girl is focussing a telephoto lens in an unpromising zone.

  • KK - Possibility for a club trip, although I suspect that the entry fee may be rather high.  Perhaps review when they open for entries?


  • looks really good, quite unique!

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Aaargh something is unique or it isn't. Not a bit unique, slightly unique.... In the way that you can't be slightly pregnant.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    No wait, the worm and the hole was probably the reason for pregnancy.


  • Great pic. Pretty close to me too. I have time off work in August, may give this a look. 

  • costs are up £26 for affliliated.........just released its the same weekend as our club relay event ..

    bank holidays are usually busy ......

  • It is a quiet motorway though that gets closed frequently but as to how much it costs goodness only knows!  The "one hill" is quite a killer though but it looks like a nice route (I run in this area normally).

  • Depends which way they run it. It'd be more money one way than the other.

  • I've run across the bridge a few times (on the path). A nice easy run with great views.


  • You pays to get in, its now't to get out.

    Might have a bash myself

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