Wednesday session 9/10/2002

Morning all

What : 1500m swim
Why : Taking it easy for a couple of weeks until the base training at start of new cycle in November

Last Rest Day : Saturday
Last Hard Day: Sunday



  • very jolly.

    What 1K swim. Don't know if it all "counts" since I spent 250m of it doing exercises suggested by WW. Discovered I go nowhere using legs alone, flutter kick. I thought kicking ought to be straightforward. Apparently not. Arms alone is a treat. Catch-up, again, frustrating.

    Fitted in an unplanned top speed 5K yesterday evening. The front bike light turned out to be u/s, had twenty minutes to get across the city (in jeans and trainers) to meet up with the Mr. Wasn't very late! (But very sweaty and of beetroot complexion.) Therefore stiff this morning.
  • Golf yesterday (Don't ask)
    today Tempo run 5-6 miles
  • seem to have survived yesterday's session without immediate consequences, so...

    what: ~5 miles easy (i.e. keep HR low 140s assuming relaxed) - should be about 35 mins
    why: taper for Sunday 10K

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Thu
  • What: Bodypump tonight, but hope to fit in a little run (maybe a 5K with the stopwatch switched on) sometime as well.
    Why: Wednesday is weightlifting night and my legs are not content with yesterday's 7-8 miles and want another road run. Maybe that's because the sun is shining.
    Last rest day: Monday.
    Last hard day: Yesterday was moderately hard.
  • Tuesday night fartlek session is turning into a real toughie as it is now 3 long (1.25-1.5 mile) hard efforts inserted into a 9-and-a-bit mile run. Feeling it a bit today and as I planning to race on Sunday....

    What: rest day
    Why: see above
    Last hard run: see above
    Last rest day: see above
  • What - 4M steady - as a loosener
    why - still stiff from Monday nights hill reps after Sundays long (yes I know I shouldn't but when work gets in the way what else can you do?)
    last hard - Monday
    last rest - Tuesday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning campers,

    What : mid week 'steady run' so about an hour (7-8 miles)
    Why : mid week run
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Friday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone

    What: nothing
    Why: having a very easy week as I've been feeling very tired recently
    Last hard day: Saturday
    Last easy day: yesterday

    Plans this week are to do 30 - 40 minute easy runs + 8 x 400's at 5k pace ( pretty slow for a 400! )

    Theoretically my lactic threshold should be at an all time high on Sunday for the 10k as I've been intensely focussing on this area for the past 6 weeks.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens on Sunday.
  • Did 6/7 mile run last night.
    I am doing a 10km on Sunday so what should I do the rest of this week?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    WickedW, depends what you've done for the rest of the week and how important the race is.

    If it's important then I would probably rest today and Friday. Thursday - 40 minutes easy run with 5 or 6 400m efforts at 10k race pace. Saturday - 30 minute easy, just to loosen up.

    Where's your 10race
  • WW, you're so well trained that you can probably take a 10K race in your stride without breaking your normal running pattern. Maybe just have a slightly easier day than usual on Saturday?

    If you want an excuse to rest, I read somewhere that you should taper one day for each mile of the race. Hmmm....
  • V-rap - does that meen you get half a year off before an Ultra?
  • Quite, WW. It's one of those glib pieces of "expert" advice about which one ought to be VERY sceptical!

    I suspect that in real life tapering only makes a difference in races of over 20 miles, and that even then the difference is marginal for most of us as well-trained legs are quite good at repairing minor damage and restocking glycogen. The recovery afterwards is probably more important (although the "one day per mile" can be tested to the point of ridiculousness there as well).
  • Hi all,

    Went out for my first club run yesterday. It was OK if a little busy. Must have been over 50 out, don't know what happened to the pedestrians who were trying to walk along the pavement at the same time. I have been assured that is quietens down in the next few weeks. Ended up doing a 6 and a half mile route in 42:30, so certainly not slow, and I was trying to take it easy at the back of the group. Today my knee is really stiff, which is not good with marathon 11 days away.

    What: Rest
    Why: Knee sore + taper
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest: Today

  • Drew I'm doing the City of Liverpool 10km, and I would like to do a better time than my last 10km, 75mins, training up to now:
    20 mins rowing
    10 mins multi trainer
    15 min hill programme treadmill
    10 min slow cool down
    6/7 mile hilly run
  • What : just done a 4.75 mile on treadmill - going back tonight to do another 6 miles
    Why : did nothing yesterday
    Last hard day : Saturday
    Last rest day : yesterday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: 4 miles easy-steady
    Why: Aborted last night's planned 3 miler because I was late home after stopping off at the supermarket. Still, I probably should still be taking it easy.

    Good luck on Sunday Drew. Do you have a target?
  • Hi all. Good 5 miler with the club last night and am planning to do a 10K on sunday so am getting right back into it now.

    What: nothing
    Why: rest after quite a fast and hilly run yesterday
    Last rest day: Monday
    Last hard day yesterday
  • Road Runner,
    we're both in Notts, do you by chance run with Notts AC? If so do we know each other??

    Is the 10K you're planning on at Merrill College? If so I'll see you there.
  • Screams of anguish. Injured!!
    The leg injury has decided to escalate, coupled with a snuffly cold that has gone on to my chest - looks like I may have to miss the first XC race this Saturday at Derby, and may not even make the start line of the Waterbeach 1/2M on 20th Oct.
    I'm under swathes of duvet with hot lemon drinks for the snuffles and resting the leg. See how the TLC goes.... can i be better for the weekend ready to start me taper week before the 1/2M?
    Think i'm losing my marbles already.
    Haven't had a decent run since last Friday.
    Did a very slow jog long run on Sunday which i had to cut short, and the Monday run was a total waste of time. Despondencey is setting in.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Wicked Witch, my original thoughts sound ok based on what you subsequently posted. Good luck.

    Nessie, if I'm feeling up to it and decide to run then 35:59 will be good. I'm toying with the idea of no stopwatch. What do you think?
  • Drew,

    depends on how prone you are to "what if"s if you come home in 36:00 or just outside....

    Good luck anyway. Where is your 10K? - haven't been following threads as closely in last couple of days.
  • Hi all,
    Feeling great today did my longest run to date, 9 mile in 1 hr 22 mins.

    What: 9 mile long run
    Why: because its wednesday (sunday awkward for training)
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Nxt run: friday 5 mile hilly

    Thinking I might have a few bottles of lager tonight to celebrate.

    Looking forward to Coniston........
  • Hi everyone,

    What: 4 miles easy
    Why: easing off for Sunday's half
    Last rest day: Yesterday
    last hard day: Sunday

    Despite taking it easy my legs felt really heavy, I think this is all part of my body's pre-race ritual of trying to convince me that I am not in shape!
  • Hi All,

    What : 11 miles 65 -75%HR( This is a short run)
    Why : maintain stamina and endurance
    Last Rest : Sunday
    Last Hard day:monday
  • I was feeling quite good when I went to the pool so my steady 1500m swim turned into a race paced effort – 27 mins now feel a bit jelly like – good – but jelly like :o)

  • Mike S,
    the 10K that Drew (unless he's got another one in mind) myself and Wollaton Parker are aiming for is just south of Derby. There's some info here if you fancy it.
  • 'fraid I've already got my race number for Chester Zoo that day...
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