Jacqueline and Fat Face from Guildford...

You were both still posting in a thread on the old forum.
Fat Face asked where I had been? Nowhere, just here and running....

Not a lot of racing though...
Let me hear from you!



  • Hopefully Jacqueline is running in Yateley tonight. Have you considered it Henk
  • No, sorry Blue Knees, never really considered it. Although I was planning to get back into the short and sharp stuff this summer, it didn't work out really.....

    Did a Mabac race last night in Wimbledon (5 miles) which was nice, finished 4th.

    Are you running Yateley as well?
    If so, give Jacq my best wishes.

    We will probably not meet up some day as my company has offered me a position in San Jose, California so I will be off in 7 weeks.

    I 'll miss England but we will be back!!

    Happy running,
  • Congratulations on last nights fourth place.

    Yes I'm running it and I'll pass on your regards if I see her.
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