mobile ringtones

Hi all,

The tone I have on my mobile is,
the theme tune to the "London Marathon"

Although I have never done it, I will ! ! ! I hope.

I just couldn't resist it, I love the music to the london marathon, I allways get a lump in my throat when I hear it, so I just had to have it.

What tone do you have on your mobile ??



  • Treadmill it's called
  • I have 'Will the real Slim Shady' - now a year old..

    D'you realise it costs about 3 squid to replace these things now?
  • I can compose them for you... AND they are sooooo much better! £1 a shot!
  • I think you can get them from for free,
    I will ask my daughter tonight she knows a few free ringtone sites.....
  • No she doesn't... She puts it on your credit card!!!
  • Am I the last bastion of prehistory, or are there others out there?
  • I just have it ringing - that way I know it's mine. I hate all the standard tunes!

    Mind you, the FLM theme (Called "The Trap" I believe) would be highly appropriate.

    I did compose "No surprises" by Radiohead and may give that a go too.

  • Thanke for the reminder Jon my Credit card bill is due now, must pay it, then check for any sneaky payments.....
  • V-Rap,

    If I had your job I wouldn't have one either!

    Anyway,Mobile phones are a marital security tag.
  • Mine is "The Trap" aka FLM Theme if anyone wants it here is the nokia version for you to input into your composer

    4c1 2f1 4g1 2a1 4c2 4a1 8#a1 4g1 1f1 4g1 4a1 8#a1 4c1 4d1 8c1 4#a1 2a1 4f1 1g1 8c1 8c1 2f1 4g1 4a1 8#a1 4c2 4a1 8#a1 4ga 1f1 4a1 2g1 4e1 4f1 8e1 4d1 2c1 4c1 1c2 4#a1 4a1 8g1 4f1 4g1 8f1 4e1 2f1 4g1 2a1 4c2

    temp 180 bpm
  • My phone just rings (i.e. "Low" for you Nokia uses)

    In an open plan office containing some 40 mobiles, novelty ring tones are *extremely* annoying. Especially when the bloke who sits next to you never takes his phone with him when he goes to a meeting, and his girlfriend (who rings him every afternoon) will ring his mobile every five minutes until she gets an answer.... grrrrr
  • Venom, I work for an unnamed mobile phone company, and share your pain with the annoying tones (guilty of "murdering" mozart on mine) - I suggest you drop his mobile in a pint of water next time it goes off and he's not there to pick it up.
  • I have the theme tune to the spaghetti westerns
  • Are profits that low Godzilla that you have stoop the these tactics to boost sales!!!!
  • Rats. I'm trying to work.
    I need the theme for FLM on Samsung ( little silver flip phone thing). Prize for whoever can provide it or a site where I can buy it.
  • Barkles will get back to you I had it sent to my phone for free, I will go and try to find the site
  • Jon I have tried everywhere to get the Tango, can you help.
  • It'll cost!
  • Barkles the site I got it from is Nokia only but when my daughter gets in she knows everything about mobiles, what teenager dosn't.
  • The Great Escape.

    I also have Itchy and Scratchy (The Simpsons) in there.
  • and I did have S Club 7, but it was crap
  • I have these on mine (all free)
    london marathon
    dukes of hazzard
    rhubarb and custard
    italian job
    bob the builder
    men behaving badly
    beverly hills cop
  • Rainbow
    Spanish Flea
    Svsn Sven Sven
  • Jon I was getting all excited and now you've left me abandoned in cyberspace, can you do anything for me, pleeeeeeease.

  • I'll give it a whirl... Da da da da dadadadur da... is that the one?!

  • I bought a mobile for the first time last year, but it's a lovely primitive one that doesn't do tunes, so I have a nice normal ringer.

    We have loads of salespeople sitting near us, and they don't seem to understand the concept that a mobile phone is meant to be carried with you. Some days, I wish I had a sledgehammer with me.

    Tunes I have to put up with on a regular basis:

    Charlies Angels
    Jumping Jumping by Destiny's Child
    Indiana Jones
    Mission Impossible

    But one of my friends has "Zorba The Greek", which is, admittedly, pretty cool (especially since she's Greek Cypriot).
  • Mine's Winnie Pooh, but I think I'll add the FLM one as mines a Nokia as well :o)

    V-rap -- my God!! Even my Dad has a mobile phone (and thank the lord he taught himself how to use it)!!
  • Yes Jon, and, can you Tango.

    If anyone leaves their mobile around in our offices they get threatened with having them surgically implanted were the sun doesn't shine.
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