• i just had a looksie - shame I missed the comp deadline. I've entered my time anyways.

    I'd do almost anything to own my own machine - finding a grand is hard to do (esp for a student)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    good luck with the comp!
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  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the moment the team looks like this:

    Trailing Tortoise

  • I correct myself immediately:

    Triathlon Boy
  • as I'm in the middle, can I be on the bike .....please.
  • TB,

    Each of us needs to do the whole row/bike/run set - see

    Sorry - can't do html links.

    Spans, are you with us? And can we have suggestions for the team name?
  • urmmm I suppose so I guess this falls into my stupid events at the start of the year category... ie Grim; Tough Guy and now this!!... how and where and do I need to enter? As to a team name... has to be something to do with the letters TTS I suppose...
  • Spans,

    You're glutton for punishment, aren't you? You should've received a little insert with your latest issue of RW about this, but I think you can enter throught their website as well - So all we need to do is decide on the day (Sat or Sun)
    and the team name (Total Triathlon Sacrilege?)
  • Like the team name! Saturday would be best for me (ie can't make Sunday!), and probably AM, but can be easy on that... I had a look at the app form and I think that all the team have to enter on one form, is that right?
  • Saturday AM is OK with me too, so we just need a confimation from Triathlon Boy and I'll send our entry off...
  • excellent!

    ... what have I done!??!
  • Anytime is ok, I only live 2 miles away.
    If pos. request a time that doesn't clash with a talk being held , and do you really want me in your team !
  • Why wouldn't we, TB? Is there something we should know about you? And Spans, are you going to run to the event? It might be a touch over 17 miles, though...
  • actually I think that it is probably only about 5miles, but no to answer that question!!

    Does anyone know when the talks are going to be, the only listed ones I can see are for the Sunday...?
  • oh and Triathlon Boy, of course we want you in our team.
  • why ? 'cause I've got the winter blues at the moment. I feel unfit and have a stinking cold and I'm suppose to be meeting up with Steve Trew for his training weekend this weekend which should sort me out.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i think a few of us on tt have switched from sun to sat now to make sure we fill up a heat - good old maisey flop!

    salford rower(and other rowers), have a q:

    what damper should i put on the rower for the 500m sprint, before getting on the bike??

    ive always had it on 5 as, but for a 500m sprint maybe I should knock it up a couple to speed things up. im going to obv be using the arms more than legs, to save them for bike, run.

    I weigh 12st/75.5kg, just under 6ft/182cm, slim build......if that makes difference?

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  • daz - leave it on 5 - best combination for arms/legs and is roughly what all rowers do. I have a best 500 of 1:24 at that setting.
  • FB,

    1.24? Want may place in the team?
  • was a goodly few years ago tep. so no thanks - I'd probably kill myself trying to do that now
  • On top form now, having survived Steve Trews training weekend and looking forward to thedry tri. BTW as regards to rowing, 3-4 on the damping at a split of 1:50. Have a go at various splits before the event eg 1:40, 1:50, and 2:00. and various damping settings with a heart rate monitor on if pos. To row at a 1:40 takes a lot more effort but the time saved is 30 secs on a 750 metre row. The amount of energy saved at rowing at 1:50 can be used to knock off several minutes on the bike and run. This advice was also mentioned on the Smilebuster web site when they did the race last year and Roscoe Nash ( ) one of Britains bestcross trainers has said the same.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Cheers. Yes I've done a few x-zones (like smilebuster but with step-ups and press-ups at the end) in the past in my old gym, and noticed the energy savings in bike+run just by dropping the pace on the rower.

    This one in TCR is a real sprint event though so I don't think I'll hold back too much on the rower, just enough to get me through the bike. The 800m treadmill is so short!

    Will try out damper 5 and 7 over following weeks to see which is better.

    Good luck with training guys ;o)

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  • any idea what the bike setup will be. Last year it was on life fitness bikes which had a max, not sure if the machine not the athlete can max out on a turbo trainer though. I'm very new to turbo trainers, having only used one for the first time today :-O !
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hmmmm im going to try these bikes out before i race.
    did an indoor civil service tri recently and the bikes were calibrated by revolutions rather than revolutions by resistance. was gutted!
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  • if it's on Life Fitness equipment, put it on race on mode ( not many people know this) and if you cadance is 90 rpm at leval 20 you're maxing out with a speed of around 85 kph. ( may have the numbers slighty wrong but it gives you an idea ).
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hope i can remember that ;O>

    i think we all have our own marshall though (like last year) so I'm sure they'll be watching the screen....
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  • hope we have the marshall I had last year, Roscoe Nash ( ) He does a x training class down the gym I'm a member of. Very experianced athlete, didn't cheat but encouraged me to push it to the max.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    you better not be same time as me you cheat!?
    if you aren't then fair play! :O>

    incidentely, what day,time you on?
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  • it all depends on the machine for what damper setting to use. If you know how to test the drag then use that.

    I use 135 for everything but some people knock it up to about 140/145 from the shorter stuff.

    It equates to some where between 4 and 5 on the new machines.

    I'd stick with what you know, less likely to cause you a problem on the day then
  • Anybody booked to have a go in the "endless pool". you get vid'ed and critiqued apparently ?
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