return of the chopper

i was just looking around for a secondhand grifter or chopper following on from a wild tangent in the 'why cannondale?' thread, and i learned the stupendous news that the chopper is being re-released in march (mini cooper style).

who is up for entering a spring print tri on a fleet of choppers?

you know it makes sense



  • Yeah ! I'll get my chopper out in the spring.

    (bit too cold for it at the moment)
  • do you still reach between your legs for the gearstick?
  • He's right !! Hot news today, how timely !

    Raleigh Relaunches Cult Chopper Bike

    By Graham Hiscott, Consumer Affairs Correspondent, PA News

    The Chopper, the iconic bicycle from the Seventies, is to be relaunched, maker Raleigh confirmed today.

    Bosses have decided to capitalise on nostalgic interest in the bike by bringing out a new version.

    Just 2,004 of the new Choppers will initially be made, each with a unique production number stamped on a plaque.

    Raleigh, now based at Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, sold 1.5 million Choppers between 1969 and 1979. But since production ceased, the bike has built up a cult following.

    The new Chopper retains the red-lined tyres, distinctive “ape hanger” handlebars, elongated seat, back rest and chrome seat loop.

    The only big difference is the gearshift, which moves from the crossbar to the handlebars for safety reasons.

    Loz Cox, product manager for the Chopper at Raleigh, said: “The new Chopper has been restyled. The biggest changes are the lightweight alloy frame – the original was steel – and the position of the gear lever.

    “It has taken us nine months to redesign the new Chopper and we know it’s going to prove as popular as it did in the Seventies.”

    The Choppers are due to go on sale in April.

    The first 2,004 Choppers will cost £249.99. Subsequent bikes, without a plaque, will retail at £199.99
  • So no, you don't need to reach between your legs for the stick.

  • I didn't know you were the kind to be getting your chopper out in the spring ;)

    I presume you don't want to do it now because of the effects of winter hehe
  • dammit - that was part of the fun

    (actually it was pretty dangerous... a friend of mine lost control whilst changing gear, went over the handlebars and slid down the road on his face. lost four front teeth. how i laughed)
  • the originals are worth a bomb now.... and if i had one it would _have_ to be original..
  • get an original one then and join my gang for whichever spring tri seems mutually appropriate

    could even get vests with hells angel style motifs

    maybe 'the chopper riders'

    maybe not
  • What about a t-shirt with "Do you want to ride my Chopper?"

    £200 quid is bit pricey for a novelty bike tho. i remember having to carry that bugger up two flights of stairs. I was so glad when I got my Grifter...Still that weighed 12 metric tonnes as well.
  • you can fit SPDs to it and use it as a training bike... £200 well spent if you ask me!
  • Looks like I'll have to dig out my dayglo 1980's tri kit.
    £200 is a bargain plus a few quid for mirrors, hooter and streamers for the hand grips.
  • so andy are you saying we should all gather somewhere this spring and get our choppers out for all to see?
  • you should be proud of your chopper
  • We coould re-enact scenes from Easy Rider- or Biker Chicks in Zombie town, count me in, which tri shall we enter and do we continue the theme through the swim and run, wearing medallions and chest wigs for the swim and Dave Bedford style runnig apparel?
  • Or are we being serious in the swim and run to gain some of the time lost getting our flares on in transition.
  • i think its got to be medallions and dave bedford gear
  • I think there's a thread on General about people getting their choppers out. They can't mean us surely ?
  • it cant be until april because the chopper isnt launched till then, and in early april some of us have the utterly butterly london fun run in the way of the serious chopper squad tri

    how about late april/early may??
  • I've gotta learn to swim properly first !

    Vote duathlon - you know it makes sense !
  • lol....even if I don't enter I'll come along and video the thing!

    It'll be like a sporting version of the red hand gang.
  • there's no way i'd be allowed another bike though!
  • I can see a potential problem with my chopper as far as mounting is concerned.
    I'm not sure that it will fit on my carrier. Any suggestions?
  • I think you'd be better off doing the London to Brighton or London to Cambridge on the choppers in full 70's garb.
  • Up Ditchling Beacon on Choppers ? Love it.

    Erm, wouldn't we flip off the back ? ;-)
  • That is a pig of a hill I grant you...but you could just slam that gear lever into 1 and you'd be fine....well maybe not!
  • ironbloke i just bought an estate car with roof bars (having found both my motorbike and my "roadster" a tad impractical for transporting bikes) [yes i know i'm a big wimp and i should just use pedal power to get to scotland or wherever]

    anyway i'm in cambs; i can pick you up on the way if you like
  • Thanks - sounds good to me - now all we need is an event.
  • when i did london to brighton bike ride back in.. ooooh... 95? there wre a bunch doing it on choppers.. and get this, a tandem chopper.. so it's already been done
  • Wouldn't the bike section of a duathlon be too long- I'm only worried in case my space hopper pops.
  • a sprint distance should do it - i'd go for the bmx monique

    or somebody must have a grifter or a chopper or something you could borrow?
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