Trionium Knacker Cracker 10K

This is certainly the silliest and hardest 10k race you'll ever do, and participants agree that this is 'the best way to start the New Year.'

Entry is now open: Anyone interested?


  • Okay know its early but we just signed up! Best start to the year, 11 months to get the fancy dress sorted! 

  • Wow - that really is keen! Well done - proud of you (sniff!)

  • When I suggested that we spent 2015 Christmas and 2016 New Year in LA, I received one of 'those' looks from the lovely Lizzie W, a sort of Paddington hard stare. Not, I suspect, out of annoyance for failing to consider family commitments but more from the prospect that I wouldn't be providing yet another 90 minutes of entertainment on New Years Day by attempting to scale Boxhill and the Eiger Steps in some ridiculous form of attire along with several hundred other lunatics.

    Bring on the soup, cheese and carrots!


  • That's the spirit!

  • How are entries going Rob? Do I need to nag the rest of my team?

  • Debating whether to do this as I have moved to this area - is it awful?


  • No Corky, it's brilliant! Fancy dress, fresh air, lovely views, pub afterwards... It's the perfect way to start the year in style. Just don't go in with any expectations of actually running for much (or indeed any) of it.
  • Excellent - thank you Burtie - I have signed up

  • Entires are currently due to fill up by the end of November, possibly a bit sooner. So nag! (Once it's full, it is full!)

  • Entered. I hope I finish before the prize giving. Leave a carrot for me.

  • anyone know if any trains run to Dorking on New Year's Day?

  • Can you run with your dog? On a lead and harness of course.

  • Possible to run with a very well behaved dog on a lead (I love to see doggies with runners on the course) - but you must keep your lovely pooch under very close control - parts of the course are narrow and congested (e.g. the final steps).

  • Is anyone going to the race from Crawley?


  • Not long to go... Will spend the next week carbo loading with turkey and beer...

    My legs can feel the pain already... 

    Still, it's one of the best ways to start the new year. 

  • Looks like waterproofs & wellies 2moro...
  • rob - looking forward to marshalling and photo-ing one of the very best events in the world tomorrow - see you at the box hill !
  • Good luck everyone - mind how you go, it's slippery out there!

  • Slip slip hooray!! Well done everyone who ran.

    Another great race! Plenty of hills, mud , steps & more mud. Good stuff.

    Cheers Rob & all the marvellous marshals for a top start to the new year.
  • Cheers guys, absolutely great race that more than lives up to the hype. I'll be back next year!

  • Who ordered the extra mud? Tanks to all who contributed to making this a great start to 2016

  • Great run and great organization as usual. Pleased to report after a visit to A&E only a dislocation to my finger after small stumble on a downhill section. Thanks to all the marshals. Same time same place next year.image

  • Thanks for the kind words!

    Full respect to Andrew - dislocated finger, continued running, came third and stayed for the prize-giving, all while commemorating the dearly-departed Lemmy of Motörhead, RIP.

    The results are up - make sure to refresh your browser to see the new results.

  • I have to admit I was quite apprehensive about this and wondered what I had got myself in for but I was pleasantly surprised. Masses of mud (love it) and the ups weren't as bad as expected. Don't get me wrong, I was walking them with everyone else but thought I did quite well in the end. And the downs were looooovely! I can even move normally (ish) today, slightly sore glutes from all the steps, but was expecting a lot worse.

    Not to mention getting bragging rights at home as I finished 15 min before my other half... 

    I have to say that I won't be marshaling this as I loved it too much and want to run it, but I think the hubby is happy marshaling as he definitely had enough of the hills.

    Fab, fab, fab!!

  • Well done Chubs (and thanks for the nice rating and comments)! Legs not sore? Wait 'til tomorrow!

  • never seen so many costumes in one race

    brilliant race and marshals were fantastic

    luv from Father Christmas no 9   

  • My running clubmate ran this the year before and said it was great fun so we signed up this year. She was not wrong! My friends thought I was mad to forgo a wild NYE, but I can honestly say I don't think I've had so much fun in a race before! I think I spent the first mile laughing at the ridiculousness of it all... the fancy dress costumes (we were dressed as bunches of grapes and there were another pair of grapes, Where's Wallys, a fox, dog and fox hunters complete with music, Whoopie cushions, cross dressing Superman and Supergirl, Father Christmas etc etc), the mud, the insane hills and steps, all in beautiful scenery with lots of lovely marshalls cheering us on and providing welcome sweets and water, and soup and a roll at the end. I'm drinking from my magic mug as I type and cannot wait to show off my t-shirt. The only disappointment was that the medals didn't arrive in time because who doesn't want a glorious hairy testicle medal to flaunt?!image

  • last year it opened for entry in january, anyone know when it'll open for entry this year?

  • It'll open a bit later in the year, but everyone who has previously entered will receive an email to let them know - so you will be able to bag a place, no problem!

  • ithanks, i only found out about it a few weeks before the event so did not get a place

    sounds great and I want in this year

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