Calf Injury

I've had a wonky calf for a while and not run for 5 week but have been down the gym circuit training and spin.  Having another physio session this weekend and feel the calf is getting much better.


Question - how long woudl you think before i'd be back up to 10 miles?   I know its dependant on recurring injury but is there a plan to slow get back into running having had time off?  

Pulled out of a marathon in april but have a ultra in July, need to get into training or else i can see it slipping away.



  • I tore my calf in July (grade 1) and was back to running about 7 miles by September. I had a nasty cold and then a TFL strain so that set me back for a bit longer but I have done some 9+ mile runs since then and got a PB in a 10K in January.

    Just keep up with the rehab/prehab work (heel drops, glute strengthening etc - and get sports massages as and when youc an) and you'll be fine.

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