Trail Running Shoes

Hi Guys!

I am looking at getting a pair of trail running shoes and I wondered if anyone had any favourites?

I have been looking at the Saucony Peregrines - anyone got any thoughts on them and their value for money?



  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    It depends on what kind of terrain you are planning to run on. I have got some Peregrines and they are quite good except if it is very muddy. They were good value because I paid about £30 for them. They are not my favourite trail shoes though; my favourites are Innov8 Roclite 243, which are expensive but you can run on ice in them, a key consideration in Scotland in winter.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭

    I tend to go for shoes with good grip in the mud, and have a pair of Addidas Kanadia, which give great grip - but are heavy and inflexible so not great for anything over a half marathon.

    The peregrines you are thinking about look like they have a similar sort of depth of tread so should be good as regards grip, but as literatin says, depends on how far and how rough you intend to run. If its the real hardcore then fell shoes, but if its forest trail type stuff then peregrines should be fine - as with all advice, the only way you find out what suits you best  is trial and error!

  • +1 for Inov-8 Roclites.  A great all rounder.

  • thanks for the comments! I'm going to try some on this weekend so i'll look into the options that you have suggested!


  • eltonionieltonioni ✭✭✭

    l'd agree with what's said above as you really do need to work out what you do in them before choosing. Somewhat embarrassingly I have 4 different off road shoes on the go from Mudclaws and Speedcross at the extreme fell running end through Trailcross to Sense Mantra at the other. I couldn't recommend any since they are all particular to different sorts of plods.

    That said, the Ginger Runner reviews on Youtube are worth watching for ideas.

  • I'd agree on the comments above re terrain.

    Are you running 'easy trails' like I do or are you talking more extreme? I must admit I do like the Mizuno Wave Ascend that I run in - unfortunately the service levels from them has really put me off them.

    I don't want to hijack your thread so will be starting one of my own.

    Let people know what kind of trails you'll be running and it will be easier to give advice.
  • Take a look at this link: It will definitely help you.
  • Love my Peregrines :-) . Light flexible fast and grip ok (except for the proper mud). The grip can clog up with the cloggy/clay like soil. Done up to Ultras in them. Like the way they can handle a few mile on road and/or hard rocky trails. I also like that they have a rock plate (essential for any rocky trails) but this is flexible (I find the Inov8 Trailrocs a bit stiff in forefoot because of the Inov8 rockplate). The uppers have also withstood a year and a halfs battering ( I run 2 out of 3 runs on trails) and only now starting to fray slightly. Final one grip is ok on wet rock and even wood bridges (I've suffered with shoes that just can't handle wet rock - and overtaken many descenders as they panic on the wet stuff). Some people have complained about the stiff heel counter but not been a problem with me (not a blister or hot spot on Ultras).

  • I don't specifically want trail running shoes, but I would like something that can cope with black ice on concrete pavements. I've heard there are shoes with studs - but none of the shops stock them. What about the shoes that promise good grip on wet rock, are they any better?
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