Running post keyhole knee surgery (cartilage trim)

Had this yesterday following an MRI scan that revealed:

An osteochondral lesion in the lateral femoral condyle and cartilage damage, a horizontal tear of the body of the medial meniscus, intra-articular loose bodies, a medial poplitial cyst and patella-femoral degeneration!

Have follow-up with consultant on Wed dreading that he's going to tell me I should never run again.

Has anyone else had this procedure?  What were you advised and what did you 

Thanks in advance.  Appreicate any input from running medics out there... And yes of course I'll take the consultant's advice too.


  •'s not the running that's the issue it's how you run - the distance, pace, duration, what's on your plate of meat, pelvic control etc etc.

    Get good advise from someone who can understand the "why you've got" rather than from a "what you've got" - functionalist versus a structuralist

    Don't bin your kicks, yet!

  • Hi Neil - wondering how you got on with this injury? I have recently been diagnosed with an osteochondral lesion at back of my patella - told I will never run again! SO annoying but I'm hoping to find others who have had surgery for these sorts of injuries!!
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