Runners Trots :(

Years ago when marathoning, gels could set my intestines off, but more recently running itself seems frequently to trigger an upset tummy. There doesn't seem to be an obvious correlation with what or when I've eaten. I've tried immodium and this sometimes works but not always.  The problem is so regular now that I am very glad I have given up serious racing.  I am even reluctant to run in company in case my stomach starts griping.  Intestinal cramps sometimes continue for several hours after a run.
I am on the point of going to my GP to check if there is any underlying problem, but thought I would first ask on here if there are any fellow sufferers or if anyone can offer advice?


  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Avoiding tea, coffee, milk and high fibre foods for 4hours before a long run has helped me avoid this problem(mostly anyway). Also- not drinking too much water also seems to help s but.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭

    Sorry, but to quote someone else on another forum, "sh*t happens"

    Usually an age thing, started with me around age 55, same scenario as yours, has stopped me running with anyone else (bit ant-social for a club runner!!!) with any degree of confidence.

    Diet has made no difference, don't want to take immodium every time I go for a run, but will make an exception for Sundays run, no woods to dive into at London! Promised myself that if it happened during a race would just give up forever, Essex 20 this year, it happened, but still running, you just have to accept it and move on.

    However, Cramps?, thats a new one on me, I just come to a grinding halt, do whatever, and then off again, feeling happy, if somewhat chagrined. Perhaps a visit to your GP is called for, better safe etc.etc.

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    Thanks guys image

    Think I will get checked out by GP to be safe, but accept it may be an age thing as now the wrong side of 50. A few years back this cost me a HM PB which was somewhat gutting ( if you pardon the expression).

    Heartening to know I am not alone....

    Good luck for tomorrow! image
  • I know it's an old post, so I'm about to start a new thread, but I suffer from this a lot!! Need to know what to do so I can fix the issue
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