National Triathlon Club Relays

Who is going to be going, and which club do you represent?


  • Only me then?
    Could be up for a trophy for Tri Team Glos!

  • Do PSOF ever enter a team? 

    If they do I am available to be average at every disciplineimage

  • I'm well below average at all 3 disciplines, and also unavailable - just to put your minds at rest! image

  • it has been discussed several times on here

    The school of thought was we are not a "proper" club, that said it does look a good laugh


  • Perhaps we should plan it as an event for 2016 and use it as the end of season social (think this has been suggested before as well?)

  • I did it a couple of years ago with my old club and it is good fun! Nice atmosphere as long as people don't take it too seriously (as some teams do). Not a problem for the pirates I suspect.image

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