Storing Poles when not in use...

Yes, sorry for daring to mention the P word... But, storing them.  I've seen that you can just about persuade a salomon Slab 12 to keep a couple of Black Diamond Z poles in place, but it seems so much hassle, is there another way to carry them? does any company do something like a bow quiver, that i can stuff them in, or I guess does anyone just use an appropriately sized stuff sack hanging off the back of your rucksack?

I've wondered about getting a quiver (yes they normally hold arrows in) and seeing if I can adapt one of them to be comfy. I vaguely remember that inov8 were talking about doing a belt that you could clip your poles to but did anything every happen with that? Or is there something else similar out there? If not I might have to make / find a mesh bag to put on a wide belt strap and try that. 

Any good ideas are appreciated.  Salomon seems to only want you to realistically have one stick. or spend hours packing them.


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