Running is great!

Some of you may know that about 8 weeks ago I returned to running after a 13 year break. In that 8 weeks, I have lost a stone in weight, had much more energy for work (and play), met a few new people and had lots of conversations I would not normally have had (because all sorts of people run). This is quite apart from the highs that come after a good workout and the chance to get outside three to four times a week.

Why am I saying this? Well, when I was younger I was too obsessed with times and pbs to actually enjoy what is a great sport but now I can appreciate it. If you are on a plateau, remember that it could be worse - you might not be running at all.

Also I just want to say what a nice bunch of people runners are :-)


  • Well said Forrest. Ever since getting into the net, I've wanted to find a community that shows respect to its members and can talk about things other than sex (although we do that sometimes too!). Here, at the RW forum, I've found it. Thanks all of you.
  • My God, maybe my boyfriend was right, maybe we are running geeks, but I don't care...I think that running is great as well! Thank goodness we've got somewhere to talk about it.
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