Askern 10 (Yorks.)

Just wondering if anyone fancies the Askern 10 on Sunday (11th Aug). Monique?? Give us a shout!


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Lamby, I'll be there. I'd been aiming to do it in under 60 minutes but the way I've been feeling lately I'll be lucky to beat the time I did at Tadcaster. By the way I won't be wearing my URWFRC vest, as some b****** stole it off the washing line, along with my Nike shorts, when I was in Minorca.
  • Drew, what a bummer!!! If you want another, let me know! If you can hang around another 30 mins for me to finish then we can go for a drink/lunch?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Lamby, I'll have 3 of my children with me on Sunday so not sure what I'm doing but will wait for you to finish. Let's hope you don't collapse from dehydration like you did at Tadcaster.

    I believe it is going to be quite a good quality field.
  • Don't worry, will have extra 0.5l bottle of water with me... am feeling quite confident for some reason, can feel a PB coming on!!! Hmmm, shouldn't have said that, will now come in in a PW of 2 hours or something!
    See you Sunday plus your kids!
  • Look forward to Seeing you all there.
    Just hope the weather improves by sunday.
    I am hoping to get under 78 minutes my last ten was at Glossop a couple of months ago which had some big climbs in it and still managed to set a new pb (to be honest it was my first ten) of 79m 33s which i think i can improve on.
    Anyway see you there.
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