Nike Terra Kiger jacket suitable for an Ultra


Just about to buy a Jacket that fits Centurian and Lakeland spec and fancy the Nike Terra Kiger Jacket.

Is this suitable and is it any good?



  • Is that the camouflage one ? I'd go brighter myself.
  • Dunno i think they offer a few colours.

  • Is it waterproof? ie does it have taped seams? I know that is a requirement for Centurion events.
  • taped seams is the minimum for most events including the lakeland  image


     cant see anything on the review that says taped seams so i would check that out before buying..



  • Very snazzy but I doubt that would pass muster having done L100 and 50 a few years back the checks were as thorough as any. No mention of taped seams or that it is even waterproof.

    Check out stuff from OMM, Montane, inov8, other well known outdoor brands...

    You needn't pay the earth, though there isn't as much last season stuff around the £50 mark these days as a few years ago I just found this which claims full waterproof -

    Opinions vary as to what's the best jacket outside the really expensive stuff, but I've got an OMM kamleika smock from years ago that has passed every kit check I've ever done and more importantly when called into action keeps the rain off even on some pretty long days out in it. Remember its not just a 'tick in the box' for kit check. Chance are at Lakeland you might need it as they have more frequent bad weather in those parts than nearly anywhere - more rain, strong and cold winds. At Lakeland 100 one year when I was in full body waterproofs and thermal layers underneath as wind and rain combo made it very wet and cold).

  • I picked up a Montane Minimus for about 80 quid a couple of years ago. That has good reviews and has passed the centurion checks. If races have mandatory kit then it's usually for good reason. They are also very thorough when doing kit check and will stop you running if you don't have all the correct gear.

    If in doubt contact the organisers. Better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn't want to be stuck in the lakes for 12+ hours getting hypothermia because I'd got the wrong jacket.
  • Montane minimus works for us as well  image


  • Err as far as I can see it's not waterproof.... That's a slight hitch in a waterproof jacket image 

  • It does appear to be a fashion jacket rather than a running jacket.......but I might be wrong...

  • Nike isn't my first thought if you ask me about technical kit.
  • The jacket aside, the Terra Kiger shoe looks an ok 'mild' trail shoe (and snazzy to boot if that's important), guess it may get some attention from people moving attention over from the road. But I've never heard of it till now, which says something about their success in cracking market of established trail runners over here. Also, Adidas and a few other big players have had a popular budget off-road shoe out for years so Nike are playing catch-up on their biggest rivals. I suspect if you look at the composition of the foot cover of most uk and euro trail/ultra races the big boys may be a bit behind more trail-born brands.

  • Nike not my 1st choice either, not even on the list if truth be known, and for me a

    is cheap at a 1/3 of the price, and probably will keep you much drier and warmer than the Nike.
  • Although that jacket may not be up to standard I have a pair of the Nike Zoom Wildhorse trail shoes and couldn`t reccomend them enough. I wouldnt use them in very muddy conditions but in the off-road marathon and 50k I did over the summer they were great. Am keeping my eye out for another couple of pairs as think they would suit my South Downs 50 attempt next April. 

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    millsy - Ive been thinking about a 50 miler. So far marathon is my focus but I'm wondering to what extent the ultra training helps/hinders your marathon work. Is it a switch of focus for you or just adding a bit of variety?

  • Nayan, I think over the long term training for a 50 miler last year helped my performances this year. I knew I wasn't going to go for a marathon PB last year so concentrated on getting more miles in my legs. Consistently running 50-65 easyish miles made a difference when focusing on marathon specific training. Having a much bigger base really helped when it came to the longer tempo and threshold sessions in the P+D marathon plan.
  • So if I get translation right (or looked at right google results) terra kiger translates to something like "earth (wild-)horse". Just when I was thinking it was a silly name for a shoe and maybe somebody had spelt it wrong on pre-launch memo and should be 'kerra tiger'.....

    ....I'll get my coat image

    p.s. I'm with millsy on the ultra effect on marathon training.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭
    Sounds good to me. Abingdon soon, then I think I'll run another marathon in spring 2016 but I like the idea of 'Chiltern Wonderland 50' for the following autumn.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys.ive been running in sense mantras and peregrine 5s and borh have been great but have just invested hesitently in terra keiger 3 and although they are nike and have a silly name they are superb and better than the foremenrioned credible shoes in my view.thanks for the info on the jackets and i agree with all so opting for one of you recomendations.hopefully see you all at the SDW 50 my first ultra.
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