Making the jump from mostly walk 100k to mostly running

Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice please. Previously more of a runner, I've done a lot of half marathons but last year started ultra distance walks. This year I added a bit if running into the mix so for the first half of London to Brighton probably did 2:8 run:walk. Next year I'll do the Thames Path 100k which is obviously a good flat course. Ideally I'd like to aim for 17 hours or less which means more running! How do I make that transition? Make run segments longer or more frequent? Thanks in advance!


  • Practise image do sections of other long run / walks at say 4:6 then 6:4 then maybe up to 8:2 image just spend more time on your feet getting used to longer run sections over time. 


    Also, try to maybe do things like try 5k all ran or as much as possible building up so you. An do longer as a run, and it just gets you more in a habit of running as opposed to walking.

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