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Hi guys,

Newbie here...

Any tips on what is good to eat whilst training for a 50 miler?

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  • Real food not junk food. Enough protein for muscle repair and growth. Enough energy intake to fuel runs and repairs. Enough vitamins and minerals - preferably by eating a varied diet (lots of different vegetables and fruits) rather than taking supplements. Enough fats for essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. After that, it's what you find effective. Experiment.

    For during the runs... Whatever works for you. I like fig rolls, malt loaf, Kendal mint cake (which is just sugar, glucose and peppermint oil), jelly beans, green-ear Percy Pigs (I'm vegetarian), cheese sandwiches...

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Include a few sessions in the AM running on empty and building up to 1hr. 

    On longer sessions start to introduce electrolyte drinks (ml/hr based on sweat rate and conditions) and your food of choice.  Lot of debate on the type of food to train and race with ie fats, mcgs vs carbs.  I've personally trained on bars and bread-based snacks, racing on liquid, gels and the odd bar (inc protein bars). 

    I suggest hitting a compromise and occasionally doing the long(er) sessions with products you intend to race with, while the rest of the time taking other snacks that you find more palatable.  Just get the right amount of cals/hr and ensure most of the cals are carbs, with some protein for the longer sessions to reduce muscle atrophy.

    A basic anti-oxidant pill will supplement the diet.  You'll need more Vit C and E at least on the hard weeks, as they are harder to bump up on the diet than Vit A and selenium.  You can get a cheap pill that covers all at likes of Tesco, Boots, etc.


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