Gear advice for Post Tib Tendonitis

Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some expert advice about new trainers following a lengthy injury battle!.

In summer 2014 I started to take my running a bit more seriously, but having previously suffered chronic Plantar Fasciitis and not knowing much about biomechanics, I bought cushioned running trainers and very soft insoles.  The result was a worsening of my Plantar Fasciitis and more seriously, pain in my achilles which then developed in to Posterior Tibial Tendonitis.

Having spent a number of months on the physio's table I was sent to see a podiatrist. The podiatrist tested my running and diagnosed the root cause of the problem as over-pronation (even though I have a high arch).  I was fitted with moulded orthotics and advised to buy either Asics or New Balance.  Since I had previously had success with Asics I decided to get Gel-Nimbus 11's.

I found that the orthotics definitely helped my injures, and got me back on the roads and training for my first half marathon.  Following that race I have upped the amount of miles I try and run every month.  I've since bought and worn out a pair of Gel-Nimbus 12's, though I found they didn't seem as well made or quite as comfortable as my 11's.

During all this time I still suffer with an uncomfortable ache around my post tip and occasionally get mild flare ups of my Plantar Fasciitis but never enough to stop me running thankfully.

I know that over-pronation tends to come from over-rotation and am thinking about buying Asics Gel-Kayano's and using them with my orthotics.  Does anyone know whether this would lead to an over correction?  The last thing I want to do is end up injured again and am aiming for my first marathon in spring, but the nagging pain I've not managed to get rid of is frustrating me.

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.


  • Hey, sorry to resurrect an old post but as a newbie I'm apparently not allowed to ask questions in the forum yet! I was wondering how your posterior tibialis pain had gone, and whether you had managed to resolve it? I really hope that you managed that first marathon you mentioned! I'm an early stages runner and have developed some ankle/foot pain in my right foot, which I think is post tib, but I'm not having much luck finding out how best to deal with it or how long I'm likely to need to rest it for - at the moment running is too painful and leaves me with intense throbbing pain afterwards.

    Really hope you managed to conquer it, and would be really grateful for any advice from anyone more knowledgeable/experienced! :smile:
  • hey, I'm new aswell. I have taken 4 weeks off running because of tib pos tendinitis. wondering how to get back into things without aggravating again. I have a half marathon in 10/12 weeks
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