Training for marathon


I'm a complete beginner who wants to do the london marathon 2003.

How should i go about the training?


  • Start by reading the "get you around schedule" for the marathon listed in the training section, it you will give you a starting point.

    Start training now.
  • I'm training for 2010, thought I'd better start now. Just kidding I've no intention of tackling a marathon but good for you I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!

  • Hi Kathy,

    I ran FLM 2001, and didn't really start training properly until the end of November, and I'd say that Jane M is right - start training now. I'm hoping to run again next year, and, not having run since then, I've already started again.

    If you're a complete beginner, start slowly and build up gradually seems to be the general advice, but there are some good training schedules on here, and some of the various threads are pretty useful too.

    Best of luck!
  • Me too Kathy!

    Although I started running in April following this years marathon!

    There are some good beginner programmes on this site. I am starting the 100 day 1/2 marathon programme on sunday, with a half due in January - sent off the application so can't get out of it now!!

    Keep us posted how you get on. It's nice to follow other people's progress.

  • I'm in a similar position myself. I was worrying that I might struggle to work up to a large enough distance, from about 5 miles a week - let alone worrying about speed!

    I took the reccomended 10% per week increase - it works out to a total of 60 miles per week, which ought to more than enough! Seems like theres no need to panic yet!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    If you can run 8 miles comfortably by Christmas there is no need to worry, there will be sufficient time to up the mileage to 'get you round' .

    I recommend the RW schedules which normally start in January.

    For the more ambitious, aim to be running 4 times a week , with long runs up to about 10 miles by Christmas.

    For my third marathon ('96) I was back running from injury and couldn't do 5 miles on January 1st, I finished just inside 4h30, so it is possible.

    In the run up to FLM, keep tabs on the FLM forum, loads of tips and a place to share experiences.No Honest!
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