When and where and how far is your first tri this year?

Mine's on the 4th April at Blandford in Dorset and is a short one. 400m swim, 15 miles bike, 4.75 run.

Hope it's not too cold!


  • Don't think i'll get any races in before Lanzarote IM at the end of May. A nice light intro to the season.
  • going to probably do a sprint 1st weekend in may as part of my recovery
  • Not dressed like that I hope.
  • may take my hat off
  • How many IM do you do Richard?

    Which sprint tri are you doing WW?

    Do seasoned triathletes tend to go for the longer events or do they do a mixture?
  • Hi Hilly...
    Got my first sprint either malvern or southwell towards the end of may (must check!), then a couple of olympics before the 1/2 IM uk in sherbourne.

    Not sure if I'm a 'seasoned' triathlete yet, but I'd say folks do a mixture, depends on what they fancy...
  • Windsor Tri - 13th june - Olympic distance.

    May do a smaller one beforehand but haven't really looked yet.
  • so far the first one is IM austria, but we were planning to find a suitable sprint to do after the raleigh chopper is relaunched

    we being ironbloke, me, monique and somebody else whose name escapes me, possibly cougie or it might have been Will

    well obviously their names dont escape me, i just cant remember who it was

    you're welcome to come along hilly if you have access to a comedy bike and a dave bedford outfit for the run
  • Andy - it was Cougie AND Will.



    They might not remember, but it really really was.

    And it would be churlish of them to pull out now, wouldn't it?
  • and you then jules
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Well, this being Iceland, you get about 3 weeks notice of any race coming up, but I think I´ve got my first in July which is possibly 800m swim, 18k bike and 8k run. MrB is also entering, having seen how rubbish the bike times were on last year´s race.
  • and the count is coming to video our posteriors
  • or video it, for posterity

    one or the other, or both
  • OK - I think I've decided that an IM is probably beyond me this year, but all being well, a sprint might be OK. And I'm on the lookout for a chopper.
  • oooooh heeeeelllllloooooo

    big boy....

    (MMmmm 'sashays' in...!)
  • not *that* kind of chopper !

  • Tee hee...!!

    what about ironbridge then Cougs..?
  • Oh God they're off again!:o)

    MUT-I'm sure you're more 'seasoned' than me!

    AC-now that would be a scream, but I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to ride a chopper!

    I might do an olympic distance later in the summer, but not ready for a half IM and certainly not the full!
  • Lizzie-maybe you and MrB will have a double win this year then!
  • Video my posterior?

    Just as well they do widescreen these days.
  • I guess I am seasoned in the sprint tri's (4 years or so now!).. but swimming has held me back from anything further... until this season...

    Go fer it Hilly! Its all about enjoying, and yet stretching yerself and yer own abilities...
  • Anyone done the London Tri (Olympic) yet, any feedback? Got my name down for it, and may try a sprint between now and then, as it's been a while since my last one in SA
  • I guess I'm first up for the season then. Only 12 days till my first ever Triathlon in Stonehaven. It is a 3 Mile Run - 8 Mile Bike - 400m Pool Swim. I'll be reasonably nippy in the run, rubbish on the bike and drowning in the swim.
  • PPB...

    is it actually that way round...?
  • Yes - You've got to remember the time of year and Stonehaven is quite far North in Scotland. There is a chance the temperature could be sub-zero so it has to be that way round or we'd freeze on the bikes.
  • I was going to say it'll be mighty cold at this time of year. Good luck PPB!

    Are there any events with a pool swim, indoor cycle track and running track events?
  • Didn't mean to put events twice-doh!
  • I try to do a lot of the local races no matter what length they are

    One of my fav' races is halfway between sprint and olympic on a very hill and rural course - love it
  • Just sent off my entry form for Wombourne Sprint - 18th April. Pool swim, so hopefully not too cold??

    Haven't decided what else this year, except for Salford, which will be my first olympic distance.

  • Planning to do a Thames Turbo sprint as my first of the year, will also race at Eton, Windsor, Bath, HalfIronman, I was considering the longest day but was tould if I was doing that distance should do a IM race or some race in Holland, not sure what thats called.
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