Hi All. Now on day 4 of programme and still enjoying myself. R7.5 W10 today so a bit ahead of my programme but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for overcoming mental barriers. I probably could have done another lap of the park (v. small) but my mind said no way. I do have a mantra...'I've given birth so this is easy' but the gas and air helped immensely. All ideas VERY WELCOME!


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I think you'd struggle to run with a gas tank on your back.....;-)

    I usually use the "I will stop if I really need to" approach to any run, and also the "I really need to stop, but I'll just jog to the next lamppost before I do" method. The plan is to trick your mind into thinking in small bits, rather than the whole thing. So, when you get to the end of the first lap, try "Ok, I'll jog 3 minutes and then turn and walk back". When the 3 minutes are up, you might feel ok enough to walk on for a couple of minutes, with the intention of then jog 3 walk 2 back. By which time of course, you are halfway round the park, so turning round would be the same as keeping going, wouldn't it?

  • :0) Hi Deeplydippy,

    One thing that works for me, is the thought of how I'd feel if I didn't complete what I'd set out to do at the beginning of the run, which is usually frustration. Alternatively, it's the the thought that the pain/lack of breath etc is only temporary & it's only helping me get fit, that gets me through it.

  • Deeplydippy

    Congratulations on you progress to-date, its always good to be ahead of schedule

    One thing to keep in mind is, a few minutes after finishing a training run it is best to feel like you could of done a bit more – psychologically over time this helps you increase you’re distance by the brain thinking …. I can manage a bit more than last time - and so on

    On the flip side if within a short period after the run you do not think this way it has the opposite affect and you will face that route / distance with dread (thinking this is a killer)

    So take it easy and build up gradually – no more than 10% a week and do not increase both distance or intensity in the same week

  • I find it difficult to make myself go further when doing laps of a course because it's a bit all or nothing and demoralising -could you add a bit of distance on by going different route home etc, so that psychologically you don't feel as though there's a whole new lap to go?? Once you've done this, psychologically it feels as though you're only going to have to go a little bit further to complete the extra lap...
  • Make sure you're counting your breathing in time with your steps, and try singing a song (in your head!) to give you a rhythm to follow.
  • I tend to think of of a song too, unfortunately it tends to be things like La Macerena & Las Ketchup, which tends to have an adverse affect! If I am running at night, I think of what I will have for dinner when I get back!
  • I have got a route around the golf course that I used to run . I now walk it and visualise how it will feel to run it next summer in lovely summer weather - all the little bits of it that will form the basis for walk run, then run walk then fartleky bits then the whole thing.

    Also having agood reason to do it - a goal you set yourself - that YOU want to achieve for YOU -

    try writing down what you aim to do over a few weeks and then fill it in - its quite motivating -because youve made a contract with yourself

    have good days and bad days and bad days then good days but it all balances out in the end

    dont forget to rest - are you not due one off now - and walking is good for recovery and your health

    oh and read the other threads cos there's lots of motivational folk in here

    good luck
  • Thanks guys, I'll keep all that in mind. Bune,tomorrow is a rest day then another run on Friday. Feel I'm starting to get somewhere but 5k feels a L O N G way off.
    WildWill you are scarily fit but I see you only started running in the last 3 years so I have something to aim for - you're hardly a beginner though are you!?
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