Glasgow to Edinburgh 2016

Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody here is running this race this year.  Its still kind of in the middle of football season but an ultra is something I have been thinking about for a while now. Ive kept running quite a lot during the footy season so training wise (and I may be fooling myself) I should be there or there abouts. 

Im not planning in any way to 'race' this, just want to complete it.  Marathons dont really do it for me.  


  • Not planning to do it this year, but I've done it twice- the course is very straight forward for an ultra, as even I could n't get lost- just run along the canal, up the hill at falkirk wheel, and then along the rest of the canal until Edinburgh. It is falt apart from the steep hill at the wheel, and a "bit" uninspiring, in terms of views, but there are good regular drop bags points, excelllent support from the marsahlls, and no difficulties en route...........................a good first 50- miler, enjoy!

  • Hi David, yes I've signed up for this.  (due to a very painful knee, it was my first ever DNF last year after 42 miles and  it stung the pride somewhat.) no danger of DNF this year though even if I have to crawl!

    as Tricia says it is the flattest ultra you will likely ever do. it is mostly attractive as canal running often is, although after a while it gets a little repetitive and maybe even dull. the drop bags/checkpoints are very frequent and it is well organised and marshalled. it is compulsory to have ahead torch as there is a long tunnel to go through. personally I thought this was unnecessary but elf and safety and all that.

    I'm really looking forward to it this year and hopefully the weather will be kind. good luck!

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