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    Interesting, but he can't/won't name names. If I remember correctly we had threads where we did just that - Don't think you'll find those threads anywhere now.
  • The problem in this country is some race organisers aren't interested....the Brighton marathon organisers weren't interested that they were crediting a cheater with a gfa time and did nothing about their results even with full proof evidence....neither did the club she belonged to... 

  • "With Instagram likes and flashier finisher's medals at stake, Cane says there???s more motivation than ever"...... You wot?
  • I don't get it. Most of the time he catches cheats and then stops short of telling the race what he's found. Unless it affects one of his personal runners?

    So you can cheat so long as it's other people affected.

    If he's going to trawl through results he should at least share what he finds. Very odd behaviour.
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    I think the article said that he tells the race that they need to look at the results because there are "suspect" runners but he would only identify the runner if it is a runner he coaches.

  • That's just silly dropping hints but not telling them. He's done the ground work after all. I'd not blame the race for not investigating his vague hints. They're probably busier people than he is.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭ forums are very entertaining if you want to see amateur sleuths at work. The Mike Rossi thread is an all time classic.
  • Oh wow, the Mike Rossi thread is fun!

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    Blimey, there are some trolls on that Mike Rossi thread!!!!! Makes us seem like paragons of restrained and erudite comment.

    But, when its all boiled down to essentials - massive storm in a very small teacup.

    Yeah he cheated, we know that, he knows that, but, he ran the Boston which no one disputes, so he's not all bad guy, just morally challenged. He took a place he wasn't entitled to, so mud is thrown and lots of it has stuck.

    The fact that he has never been disqualified from his qualifying marathon means the subsequent stuff is fairly meaningless.
  • Hasn't he been offered a huuuuge amount of money to run a race in that time again ?

    It wasn't a crazy good time - he should have bitten their hand off. If he wins - he gets the cash. If he loses - well his calf went half way....;-)
  • Yep, offered and failed, was offered seriously decent money for a sub 20m 5k as well and failed. (Not that I can say anything is wrong with that, as he legit times are still quicker than mine by a margin).

    It's funny as senidM says it makes us look a sane and stable bunch image

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    I'm too scared to set up a profile and get involved on that site.

    The Rossi guy has also been accused of falsifying Nike + workouts to try and prove he was in the form claimed. Looking at both sides it does show that there are some oddballs out there.
  • See also Kip Litton for an entertaining US troll-fest image (assuming the original article doesn't mention him)

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