Congrats Sven



  • Big up Aberystwyth Town FC and the Park Avenue massive is what I say.
  • How are Total Network Solutions doing nowadays and where the f*** do they play???
  • Llansantffraid, nr Oswestry. Not as good as they were but not as bad as Oswestry. Lost in the UEFA Cup 12-2 to Amicka Wronki (Poland). I live in Bracknell so I know these things.
  • I did like the comment about Celt nationism Mike, being defined by their anti-Englishness - much the same as if your own team is crap, then hate the successful ones i.e. Man U & Arsenal, and gain some recompense that way.

    I have seen most of the Arsenal games this season, and am only too well aware of Mr Floppy (ole pony tail)'s errors - on my part, it is out of loyalty to a good player who has now seen his best years that I defend him.

    Sure, he has made some howlers recently, and I think he will announcing his international retirement now. However, that is no reason to try and rewrite the history books - he has been arguably the best goalkeeper of the current generation of English goalies in the 1990's and early 2000's.

  • Dare I mention Nayim?
  • You just did.
  • Snoop,

    ....which isn't saying much. Goalkeeper has, alas, been one of our weakest positions (along with left side of midfield) since Peter Shilton started to decline in the late 80s.
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