Endure 24 Team - how do we train?


We are doing Endure24 in June in a team of 3. As you likely know its a 5 mile loop and we figure we would just rotate so we each do a lap in 3.

We are all about marathon fit (well, we've run marathons and capable of doing them), and our broad aim is to run 10 laps each giving us 50 miles per person.

But how do we train for this? Its not a pure ultra per se, but its a stop/start circa a 45 minute run and a 90 minute break then go again.....for 24 hours. 

Anyone got any experience in this? Anywhere or anyone you can refer me to?



  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭

    I've done the Spitfire Scramble 24, but in a team of 5 so longer breaks. What I might suggest is doing a couple of double legs in the night, so you each get a longer rest and then you can just go back to rotating as usual.

    However, its hard to restart after a 3 hour rest, and easy to pick up an injury because it can be cold at night even in June (especially if, like we were, you're in a tent). So a very steady start, even walk a mile, after each longer rest may keep you all running longer.

    Don't think I did any special training, just ran the course a few times to make sure I was familiar with it, and at least once in darkness with a headtorch (its very different in the dark)
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