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Hi All,

I know I've left it really really late but I haven't booked my accommodation yet for London marathon. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if it is better to be near the start/finish?  I will be down Friday and Saturday night and going to the Expo both days.

Thanks in advance



  • usually plenty of hotels in the centre. Then you get the train from Charing Cross to the start and you can walk back to your hotel for a shower after.

    I'd not go to the expo both days if I could avoid it...Save your energy for the race day.
  • Thanks!  I'm heading to the Expo just for half an hour on the Friday night to meet someone for coffee after I land at London City, then registering on Saturday morning.  I'll maybe just get a hotel for one night near the Expo then move hotels for the Saturday night. Saves having to travel back and forth across London I guess!

  • Hi.
    I have a double room in a budget hotel in Greenwich for the night of 22/17 - the eve of the London marathon. The room is bed only and is paid for.
    I have picked up an injury and will not be running this year, so the room is up for grabs at what it cost - £165.
  • I am going down Friday and trying the expo then, Saturday will be spent sitting down a lot. Open top bus tour perhaps and then back to the hotel to sit there. Did the NYC Marathon in nov 2015 (my fist, this will be my second) and I walked about 20 miles on the Saturday all over the city. wont make that mistake again :-)
  • rodeofliprodeoflip ✭✭✭
    Open top bus tour is a great leg-saving idea. Also gives you a polythene poncho which you can use on raceday.
  • Banksy7Banksy7 ✭✭✭
    A friend has accommodation 10 mins from Greenwich for Fri, Sat, Sun nights that she can no longer use. She is looking to get some of the money back on it. Am sure someone will be interested. It's an Aparthotel so facilities for cooking porridge etc! :-) 
    let me know if interested....
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