Mutiple Marathons

I am running 3 marathons in a 5 week period. The 2nd marathon is 3 weeks after the 1st and the last is a week later.

After the 1st marathon what would you suggest for training for the 2nd and again for the 3rd.

I run 2 last year 4 weeks apart and had a rest the 1st week with a light jog, no long run then did a reverse taper 2 weeks before with a long run of 13 then 8, marathon

As I only have 2 weekends in between the 1st two, would a sensible plan be to go for a swim do a light jog but no long run the 1st week, then some short runs and light jogs plus an 8-10 miler the week before.

Would appreciate some advice please,   

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