Desperate for advice with a poor end to training.

Hi, so I'm 3 weeks out from doing the Belfast marathon. My first although I'm a regular runner with several previous half marathons at a 2hr pace. Training was going great, 17 miles completed end of February in 2.30hr then I got horrendous shin splints, recovered from that to have a hip problem and am now just getting a chesty cold. I'm desperate to still do the marathon but it's decision time as to whether I should defer. I injury wise I feel good and did a 14 mile run a week ago with time to do 1 more run (3hrs) before a 2 week taper. I was aiming sub 4hrs but now just want to get round. Right thing to do? Should I still taper or continue a lot g run each week till the marathon? Or should I defer?!


  • Ronald to the above March was more or less a right off running wise, a bit of cross training but not what 'mad march' should been like!!
  • If your half pb is 2 hours then surely your marathon goal should be around 4.20 ish ? Unless you've upped the training substantially ?

    Anyway - I think you need to see how this chesty cold goes. Hopefully it'll bugger off. You don;t want to make the illness worse.

    Shin Splints, bad hip, cough - you'll be up against it but you can't really do the long runs now - I'd probably be tapering with an eye to deferring if anything else goes wrong.
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