• I want a Mini.

    <stomps feet petulantly>

    <goes to dictionary to look up petulantly>
  • <goes to tesco 24 hour store to look up womes' skirts>

    ..... glueing that mirror to my shoe was the best thing i ever did
  • womens'
  • Tee hee hee.
  • the brains is in the head - but like most men we thnk with our dicks - suprised there are some posting with 'adjusted' behaviour.
  • how do ou gals think
  • i'm sure i think with my brain

    how do you micturate scott? reverse osmosis through the scalp?
  • Scott. Do you actually run at all ? Or are you some perv that gets his kicks talking about blokes dangly bits all the time.

    I did see you posted a thread about compression socks, but then you've also got a post about how nice the feeling of compression is on your calves and thighs.

    If you want - we can direct you to the adult chatlines ? 0898 summat or other ??
  • lol cougie i just noticed the same thing

    although i dont have as long a list of recommended chatlines as you do
  • ;-)
  • boing
  • - Mmm best take your hand out of your shorts while running Scott - you may lose your balance - and have a nasty accident -
  • Scott needs a testosterone boost apparently .......

    ........any volunteers?
  • all you'll need to do is shave yourself and parade around in a jockstrap, davey boy!
  • Cougs -- I've got a new Mini


  • post 23 has to be scotty boy's finest hour.
  • boing! hehehehe.....
  • bump (sorry)

    The interwebs tell me that:

    1. Long slow runs reduce testosterone

    2. Short fast runs increase testosterone

    I believe both, but is there any evidence/research/pponline citing pace rather than mileage in terms of a tipping point?

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