Posive and slender club 21st Oct

lets see if this works then
No run this am, still fell a bit ill
But gym tonight
AND thesis
Have a good day all
JJ, did you resist temptation?


  • Cant even spell POSITIVE, Freudian, eh?
  • Nobody noticed on yesterday's thread that I ran 5.4 miles on Saturday, longest I've ever run. Sassie sad and neglected...
  • I didn't make it onto the weekend threads Sassie but am posive (sorry Benz) that I would have noticed and commented. Well done Sass. You'll manage your first 10K (Brighton???) no problem. How long did the 5.4miles take you?

    I feel very very fat this morning. Was at the fiancee's parents for the weekend and they are typical older parents... constantly throwing chocolate cake and biscuits and tea and pork pies and sweets and ice cream and fruit cake and full english breakfasts at you... well... it would rude to say no!!!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone.
    Congratulations Sassie, that's really impressive, and EP it seems like your long runs are really coming together.

    I am feeling saintly and virtous because I ran my first half marathon for over six years yesterday - see reports on the Waterbeach half on events if interested. Also got to meet real live forumites for the first time. Weighed in afterwards at 14st 8lb - I know that's cheating, but I still feel good about it.
  • Hi All

    I managed to resist temptation even when Mr J ofered me some of his beer :-). Well done Sassie for your big run.5 miles is a long way. Try it in a car and it will give you some perspective.
    Never mind Gordon, I recon that lots about 2000 cals, 2 big runs for a guy and its all a distant memory.

    I am 1lb heavier than yesterday but not too worried as that normally happens after a big run. Off to the gym with Mr J and the Jumpets to day. Slow recovery run and weights to strengthen my knees.

    Oh RoboKidney, very impressed by efforts under difficulties, makes part time work and two small children seem vvv easy.

    Is Cath a week day forumite, haven't heard from her in a while.

    see you all later.

  • Well done Glenn

    I will go and look and marvel
  • Morning all,
    Have been a bad, bad girl..! Held it together till yesterday, then blew the healthy eating BIG TIME! Oh well, today is another day.. Well done to Sassie for the 5 mile run, and well done to Glenn also (will go & have a look at the Events bit..). Josie - Cath posts nearly every day on the 'Staying Healthy' thread on General.. she's back at work now! Haven't posted over the weekend, so I've tried to catch up.. just want to offer my condolences to you Pixie for the loss of your friend, Andre.. life is very unfair sometimes isn't it. It's strange how cancer strikes at very fit people doesn't it - my cousin is also very fit.
    Anyway, it's a rainy old day here.. but going to go out for a run (only did 1 run last week - oops!).
    Michelle x
  • What a lot of stars you are.

    I've been grounded over the weekend by a sickly computer - it's meant to be having a motherboard transplant tomorrow. So instead of foruming yesterday evening I made two enormous Christmas cakes, a large batch of date and ginger Christmas puds and some cherry-almond loaves for our NAS cake sale. Just realised I wrapped the cakes without taking off the bases for the baking tins. Dammit! And resisted nibbling...except for the chunk of cherry-almond loaf that got stuck to the tin (Mr V-rap disposed of the piece I trimmed off to tidy it up).

    I took Kevin walking in the Malverns on Saturday - arranged to meet Badger and her cubs, but I cocked up the directions and added about 4 miles of roadside walking on to our journey. Kevin whinged a bit but was cajoled along by promises of hot dogs and hot chocolate. Twelve miles, including up the Worcester Beacon twice, isn't bad for a kid of her age. Gorgeous day, if cold. I went to the gym yesterday and did some weights, interval stepping, and swimming. Calves on fire today.

    Weigh-in. Up a couple of pounds. Doesn't matter - people who want to climb cold mountains need fuel and padding.

    Glenn, I'm looking forward to making time to read the Waterbeach reports later. You HAVE entered the Suicide Sixish, haven't you? I've got my number. No showers - aargh! All participating Forumites are invited to shower, change and dine in my cavern afterwards - it's not too far away and I love mass catering.
  • PS. Forgot to say - Badger is lovely and the cubs are a proper pair of munchkins. Well worth the detour! Almost tempted to explore the Dark Side, but I'd never get any work done then.

  • Morning all,

    Respect due to Sassie - it's looking good. I don't post at the weekends as this is my work computer.... And well done on the HM to Glenn. Being able to run that far suddnely seems a long way off after my disastrous run yesterday.

    Feeling a little low today: started running again about 5 weeks ago, and thought I was making really good progress. Then went out first thing yesterday morning, and struggled to get round 2 miles - I've been running 4 miles for the last week. Added to which, despite being pretty good last week, I didn't lost any weight at all - stayed constant at 14st 5lbs. If I've only been running 5 weeks, would this be normal?

    I tried one of those Fartlek things on Friday night. I'm not too sure if I'm doing it right though: I ran at normal pace for around 1/4 mile, then sprinted like buggery for 30-40 yards, then back to normal pace, then repeated etc. I managed four sprints in the space of about 1.3 miles. I thought I was going to collapse. Am I doing this right? Or should I not even be thinking about Fartlek yet?

  • Morning all

    Weighed in an still sitting steady – but that should all change, as I’m off to Cyprus on Wednesday – a week of over indulgence in the booze and food departments should see a couple of pounds added

    I’ll probably get a couple of maintenance runs and a few swims in while I’m out there

    V-rap – I was over the parents on Sunday and my mother was in full Christmas cake baking mode – the smell made me want mine then and there :o)

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Don't worry v-rap, I will be there for the Suicide Sixish, in fact I will post the form NOW!
  • Please do, Glenn - I'm only doing it because you said you would too! Don't want to be at that start line all by myself.

    Mr A, no reason why you shouldn't be doing a bit of fartlek on your runs, but there's no need to increase your pace to an all-out sprint which leaves you collapsed in a heap after 100 paces. Aim to do a few sections of the run (choose flattish, boring ones initially) just a little faster than your normal pace, but not too far outside your comfort zone. Your ability to cope with speed and to do mad things like upping the pace on ascents will come.

    Happy hols, WW.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Mr A, IMHO you can't do any harm with the fartlek - if you feel like it, do it, but don't overdo anything just yet.

    I too came back this year after a loooong break, and from my experience don't try to rush it. Just try to slowly build up the distance you do on the long run. In my own case my endurance is actually now better than it ever was, but I have NO pace. I did a 10k the previous week and got roung in exactly 10min mile pace - PB is around 52 mins, but it will be at least six months before I'm there again. At the moment my race pace is only about 30sec per mile faster than my go-on-forever long run pace.

    On losing weight, remember that the calories burnt is simply proportional to mileage. You're a similar weight to me, meaning that we're both burning up 150 or 160 calories per mile. This is another reason that building up mileage before pace is important. To a large extent extra pace will simply come with the weight loss.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    V-rap, the form is in the post!

    Gordon and Daisy also asked me for the form - have you sent them in?
  • Thanx guys - feeling loved again now! Timing of my 5.4 miles was 12 minutes a mile, so I'm feeling happier about Brighton. Glenn, you're a star!
  • I'm still trying to convince the (to be) Mrs McKirdy if I can go as it's on her birthday... not looking too promising at the minute but if I promise her a visit to the V-rap's cavern she might change her mind.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Gordon, couldn't you buy your fiancee an entry to the race as a birthday treat?

  • What a brilliant idea Glenn.... why didn't I think of that!!! You know, that is such a brilliant idea that I can't possibly take the credit for it... I'll let her know it was your idea and I'll pass her your email address just so that she can "thank" you!!!

    Good luck Glenn!
  • Do bring Mrs McKirdy too, Gordon. Will Mrs Glenn be coming? Mr V-rap definitely won't (looks like he'll be at home clearing his newspaper cutting collection off the dining table), and Kevin is spitting Exocets because she isn't allowed to join the race. Maybe she can be on steamed pudding duty. She should be able to make good soup and steamed puds since she's half-Scottish (which was amusing when she had an "assessment" by the educational social worker prior to going to EBD school last year - she insisted that she was recorded as being of mixed ethnicity because, she said indignantly, being half-Scottish is just as culturally relevant as being of more exotic mixed parentage).

    I might try to persuade my colleague Fizgog to come along. He's not a runner but he's married to one and he is scarily fit. We're half-thinking about a practice team for the London Triathlon - he'd cycle and I'd happily let Lay-Zee-Boy have first pick of running or swimming if he'd agree to play with us.

    All that weekend exercise is catching up on me. I'm starving.
  • Confession time – at the weekend I done –

    FRI - Cheesy Chips (after several pints)
    SAT – Sweat & Sour Chicken
    SUN – Ham, Mushroom and Pineapple Pizza

    And they were all marvellous, although I cannot remember the Cheesy Chips, the only reason I know I had them is I spotted the carton the next morning ;o)
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Mrs Glenn may very well be coming, although I'd never get her to don her running shoes for this one.

    I'm trying to make a decision about what shoes to buy for it. How were your Timberlands V-rap? I was looking at some Merrills at the weekend, but although I can bore for England on running shoes in general I know bog all about trail shoes. I'll give the Gear formum a search and see what I can find out...
  • The Timberlands are OK, Glenn, but in retrospect I should probably have spent that extra £25 on something with more athletic credibility rather than settling for being delighted that they had something that suited me in the clearance section and wanting to get out of the shop quickly because Tinkerbell and Angelmouse were bored and had started to play hide and seek in the displays. In particular, the ankle lugs are quite stiff. I notice them when I walk, although they didn't cause any problem at all during the race and didn't rub holes in my legs. They weren't ideal on the wet flattened long grass, but coped nicely with mud and stones.

    Looking forward to this race now - after going for a decent half-marathon time the week before, it will be good to have the pressure off and just concentrate on getting over the obstacles in however long it takes. All this hill-walking should be good preparation. Maybe I'll run it in my hiking boots.
  • I'm tempted to run it in my army boots... be cheaper than ruining a nice new pair of trainers.

    Just had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with a greek salad on the side... damn tasty but not nearly full enough... gonna be eating something else soon.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Gordon, your army boots will get *very* full of water! If it wasn't for the need to wear something with some grip I'd do it in the oldest pair of trainers I've got.

    The smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel is one of the greatest creations known to man. The best place to get them from is the all night shop at the Bethnal Green Road end of Brick Lane. Apart from authenticity they're so cheap you can afford to buy three for the price you'd pay for one in the City.
  • What is this suicide sixth? A muddy race, by the sound of it. Is it in the midlands somewhere?

  • Have been out for an 8 mile run in torrential rain!!!! Considering all I did was a measly 3 miler last week, I am very pleased with my little soaking wet self! Had my waterproofs on, but found out they wasn't!!!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭

    The Suicide Six(ish) is on 17th November in the Baggeridge Country Park, near Sedgley, West Mids. It's entirely off road, so it will be muddy if it's been wet beforehand, but the route includes a wade through a stream, hence the reference to Gordon's boots. E-mail me if you would like an application form.

    Well done Michelle. Dedication beyond the call of duty.
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