Garmin 735 or 910/920XT?

Morning!  I'm after some feedback and advice before I purchase on of the above please.  I mainly run but would like to monitor swims too, I was looking at the 235 but it doesn't record any stats from swimmimng which is what I'd like.  I'd also like to be able to record hr data whilst swimming too which is why I'm narrowing it down to the 3 above.

Could anyone share their experiences and advice please or even if there is a further alternative which I've not considered?  Thanks in advance.


  • The 910XT doesn't support the HRM-SWIM and HRM-TRI straps which you need for swim HR. I've owned the 920XT and currently have a 735XT, functionally they're pretty similar.

    The 920XT has better battery life, and has a barometric altimeter which the 735XT lacks, this might be an issue for you if you run a lot of hills or cycle.

    735XT is smaller and lighter. It is also much newer, and supports the latest ConnectIQ version, audio prompts, and Garmin accessories like the Varia Vision, so is more "future proof" in that respect. It also has the built-in optical HRM which I've found to be decent enough for most running, although it can struggle in interval sessions.

    Bear in mind the 920XT is coming up to 2 years old now, so may well be replaced in the autumn. You could also look at the Polar V800 or the Suunto Ambit3 Sport which offer running and swimming support, although I'm not 100% sure how they deal with HR monitoring while swimming.

  • Thanks RSR, that's great.  I think I'm favouring slightly the 735XT, mainly as you have pointed out that the 920XT has been out for a while now.  I do cycle but use the Edge1000 on the bikes,  so would be minimal use in bike mode with the watch.  Thank you.

  • Daughter is a triathlete and is thinking of upgrading to the 735XT? Any comment from those who have one? Thanks in advance!
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  • I bought the 735xt earlier this week. I have not played with it properly yet however, I like the features and the usability of the device.  I used to own a garmin 620 until it decided it did not want to charge any longer. 
  • Daughter also bought the 735, and is impressed!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • I find the 910 a little bit clunky to use. I have used a lot of different watches and i think this is the one i dislike the most.
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