Paris Marathon 2017- advice please!

Hi all, I am hoping to sign up to the Paris marathon 2017. I have lots of questions if anyone could help! 1. I've been on the website and I've missed the first wave of registration but does that mean I can still register in September? The website isn't very clear. 2. There seem to be no charity listings but I'd like to race for a charity - how do I go about finding out which charities have places for Paris? 3. This will be my first marathon after about a year and a half off running to have my little boy. I'm hoping to join a local running club to help with training but I am essentially a beginner again. I used to be quite running fit and did a few half marathons but have never tackled a Marathon - any tips or advice?! Especially from any women who have done a marathon after having a baby. Thank you in advance! Bex


  • Hi,

    Paris is a great marathon. I ran it last year. The course is lovely as you get to see a lot of the famous sights of the city. In answer to your questions, yes you can register in September. You will need to set up an account with ASO at some point  before you register but this is easy and free to do but best done before they release the next wave of places. I ran for the British Heart foundation, because I had paid for my own place I just got in touch with them and told them what I wanted to do, I'm sure any charity would be glad of you raising money especially as you have your own place so it does not cost them as much.

    I ran my first marathon when my son was one with no running experience till I started training so I know it can be done, you will be fine.

    I would advise you have a look at the Paris Marathon forum for 2017 and 16 if it is still about as they contain a lot of useful information and support. I found them a great help. Good luck with the training!

  • Hi Bex - yes, definitely drop by the Paris 2017 thread under 'events'. It's a bit quiet at the moment but will pick up after the summer when people start thinking about training plans. There are people there with many years of experience who can answer most questions - even if you just have a read of the first couple of posts it should be helpful.

    As there's no ballot you don't really need a charity place. Just sign up and then contact your charity of choice to let them know you're running and set up a JustGiving page, or similar. If you're UK-based, some of the big UK charities will be providing support for their runners - I know Macmillan certainly do.

    It's a great race, just be prepared to keep coming back!
  • Hi @runningrodent, thanks for the reply. I can't seem to find the Paris 2017 thread? Have searched under the events tab... Thanks.
  • Scrap that, have found the forum ????
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