Getting +ve & slender club 22nd Oct

First posting to day, must be the none drinking, the rest of you have hangovers.

No running for me today, just looking after 4 children and attempting to do some work.

11st 2lb so a bit sorry for my self, I don't even snack.

How are you guys?


  • No running for me either today, drinks with the girlies tonight - must remember to pace myself.

    12st 11lbs - would really like to shift a stone before the new year - tried to do fartleking last night, very hard indeed, but so much better for burning up the calories than 'ordinary' running.

    Wishing everyone a strong and successful day.

  • I think the reason it's so slow here this morning is that the site was down this morning. I tried to access it between 8 and 8.30, but nothing doing. Still coming down off the high of managing 5.4 miles on Saturday at 12 mins a mile. Did only 2 miles on Monday as legs felt like lead. Rest day today, then 3.6 miles tomorrow.
  • Sassie did you see my post about the christmas cracker?
  • Did nothing in terms of exercise yesterday (and only "touched" alcohol in the sense of pouring the lamp-oil stuff that I was given last Christmas over the dried fruit for the next batch of Christmas cakes and puds). Will be lucky if I walked 100 paces all day. Need a run today. Need it so badly I might even go out and get wet in the rain.

    Awful meeting last night. Talking about diabetes with people who had got there by claiming to be experts but quite blatantly weren't. Difficult to avoid saying "shut up or they'll think all GPs are as thick as you" on several occasions. And by the time I arrived there were only a couple of lettuce leaves left so I made fair inroads into the toffees on the way home.

    Will try to do healthy things today.
  • Hi all...yes bit of a hangover this morning.
    Feeling good now though because I managed to scrape myself out of bed and have done an hour in the gym. Think it was that fantastic run down by the river in the rain last night that has inspired me.
    Working from home as the new car is being delivered today (yes, yes, yes - although had to get a sensible people carrier now that the third is on the way), this is never good for the waistline as the fridge is 5 meters from my desk!
    Also got on the scales for the first time since last christmas, dont know if that is a good thing?
    13st exactly (no change since last time).
    I have decided to try and loose 1/2 stone for Crimbo! (not looking forward to it)
  • Sassie – keep it going – your doing very well

    V-rap – You were given a waterproof that lasts a lifetime – your skin – now get out there today and get that run done ;o)

    I’ve now gone 3 days without exercise – I’m starting to get a bit restless so I’ll have to go for a brisk tempo run – something between 6 and 8 miles hopefully and then I have to pack for tomorrow :o)

  • 17.5 hour day yesterday without a break... as you can imagine I didn't do any exercise or eat particularly healthy... will try harder today but it's gonna be another long day
  • Afternoon all
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Trying to stay more positive today. Thought I hadn't done too badly over the weekend but as I was done in Snails' Pace neck of the woods for a few days (in which we did incorporate a 5 mile run) I think I must have overdone the food and the wine that was on offer as the dreaded scales show an increase this morning. Have decided not to go to weight watchers tonight but to try harder for the next week. Haven't done any running since Saturday and if this horrible downpour and strong wind keeps up it looks like a night using the eliptical trainer while watching telly.
  • SG, do they still charge you if you don't go? one of the reasons went for 'WW at home' last time.
  • WW used to charge if you didn't go... didn't really ever put me off not going because I'd rather pay a few quid than admit to the rest of the class that I had been pigging out for a week...
  • yeah they still charge!
  • JJ
    Yes they still charge for missed weeks unless you take it as a holiday but I think you only get 2 weeks in the year and as I have only gone for 3 weeks so far it might look bad. But I only lost 1/2lb first week and then put it on again last week so you see why a weekend of pigging out down south puts me off going tonight. I seem to have lost my motivation but really I am desperate to get rid of the weight. Only my willpower seems to have left me. If I am offered a glass of wine I can't seem to say no. Snails' Pace has challenged me to see who can shed more pounds by the Brighton 10K - her or me. But as my little sis is already 3.1/2 stone lighter than me that won't be hard.
    Mr SG is 6'2" and weights only 12.1/2 stone and doesn't understand how hard it is and he has no sympathy for me when I tell him I am struggling. Just run more he says. As he has never had a weight problem in his life he can't understand. Does anyone else have this problem with unsympathic partners?
    If so some advice on how to deal with them would be helpful.
  • Mr J is 6ft 3in and weighs 13st. this is the heavist he's ever been, he was 11st 7lbs when I met him. he has always been very supportive and appreciative of my weight loss and never moaned once when I put 5st on with each pregnancy.

    I on the other hand pinch his love handles and tell him he's getting a bit porky. Any suggestions to him how to deal with me.
  • SG,

    seriously, as someone who has gained 10st and lost 9st, you will find the will power when you really WANT to change. May be you are happy with your self as you are and see no real reason to change.

    My catalyst is always photos and finding myself avoiding looking in mirrors
  • Hi JJ
    No unfortunately I'm not happy with the way I am. I have lost and gained all my life. I put on 5 stone after meeting Mr SG - lost it all several years later and have put it all back on again. Now when I mention diet - he says Oh no not again heard it all before. I WILL try harder for next week and see if I can get rid of a few pounds. Then a few more and a few more until its gone.
    Will keep you posted. Thanks for the support.
  • Like you, JJ, I think my other half gets more unsympathy from me than I get from him. He's brilliant - tells me I'm gorgeous whether I'm my "normal" size, a skinny runner like I am now, or like the blob I rapidly became during each pregnancy (good thing I didn't keep on my pregnancy weight gain or I'd be 26 stone now).

    On the other hand, he was a skinny boy when we met and is now about 13 stone, which isn't totally OTT for a six-footer, and has an excuse because he is on medication which has weight gain as an almost inevitable side-effect. Unfortunately, every extra ounce has gone on his G.U.T. and he gets teased mercilesly by the grannies about "when's it due, then?", Kevin worries because she doesn't want to end up with Daddy's tummy, and I keep trying to make him eat proper meals (which he does - and then the rest) and exercise. Which sounds awful, but I'm really quite fond of him and want to keep him alive as long as possible.
  • my motivation is being 40 next June and if I didn't start to do something about it I'm going to be '40 fed up and fat' and thats a depressing thought
    however yesterday i decided i am going to be 40 fit and fast!

    I've given myself about 9 months to do it and broken it down into chunks - its about 40 weeks and set little targets and longer term goals and keep visualising what its going to be like when i am fit and fast - it helps!
    I found a book called 'Go Mad - Make a difference'by Andy Gilbert (about making personal changes) very helpful in relation to planning, goal setting and putting into action - I used it to start my fitness plan and it really gave me a kick start - theres a website with details of the book -

    Another interesting book is Lighten Up by Pete Cohen which is a weight loss programme that takes into account the psychology behind diet and overeating and has lots of hints and tips - I'd reccommend anyone who has a weight problem have a look at it. He particularly advocates focusing on being more active so you are all well on the way my fit fiends!

    There is also a website
  • SG please go to WW tonight or you won`t know what you are aimimg for next week. You will feel so much better KNOWING that you have lost 2 or 3 pounds next week than having to guess at it. I know that I am lighter than you but I still have 22lbs to lose and I find it just as hard not to eat so I know how you feel. You have done it before you can do it again....and by that token so can I. So lets be positive and go for it.

    ps. wildwill the waterproof thing is a tip I could do with taking to heart myself! !
  • SP I think you are following me around - where I go you go or is it vice versa?
  • Bune
    The book by Pete Cohen sounds interesting I will try and get a copy of it. Thanks
  • SP.. this is the only place we have met up today....except on the `phone that is...isn`t it?
  • I meant SG....will have to get used to name change sorry
  • Well, here goes everyone BIG problem - loadsa weight - loadsa promises - loadsa food/drink - NO action!

    I have tried SWorld - lost 2st 5years ago, but then went back to SW 2 years ago to lose the two and a half stone I put back on. Hopeless! I knew all the dodges and cheated rotten. Result? No weight loss to speak of. I am now about 4 stone overweight and not proud of it.

    I'm a wannabe runner and have managed to finish 4 GNR's with little training and lots of walking and each year I go, I vow I won't be at the back by the 3.30hrs with a baggy tshirt and joggers. I want to be further up the field in a skimpy runners top and shorts, eating bananas and looking good!

    Has anyone out there been in a similar state? I'm a mum of 3 and work full time, so haven't a great deal of time for me. I really do feel I need some help but don't know what to tackle first, the weight or the running (neither a pretty sight!!)

    Somebody out there that can give me some hope/motivation? I'm 46 and should be grown up enough to sort myself out - but I'm not! HELP!!
  • JayBird

    You will find lots of support on this thread, and many in your situation. I'm a mother of 2 with a part time job and am on the last stone of a 4 st loss. I find just coming on here'confessing' my sins or sharing my succeses very useful.
    Also nice for a chat.
    The fact you have taken part in not 1 but 4 GNR's is very impressive no matter what time it took. As lots of people point out on this thread you are already a head of a large part of the population.

  • Josie; don't know where your 'Christmas Cracker' post is, so I'll do a search for it.
  • Sorry Josie - can't find it. What did you say?
  • Hi jaybird, my sister, now called speedy g. is very much in your position age/weight/ childrenwise and I am sure she will post here herself but I have to say that I am so impressed at the running she has done and is still doing despite the weight.She has doen umpteen half/ full marathons and also did this years gnr for the ??time With 4gnr`s under your belt I am v. impressed with you too, I chickened out for various reasons this year. Don`t be so hard on yourself, we all know how hard it is to lose weight and the great thing is that you are being positive by posting here in the first place. I have only just arrived here myself..(following speedy g. around...hi guys-should have said "hello all" first, excuse me) and hope that I can gain inspiration from everyone else, I`ve got 22lbs to go.
  • Evening all,

    Well as always, by the time I get on here at night I have forgotten mostly what I shouldn't have eaten.. great, so I think I done ok today.
    Plodded out for 1 hr 45 last night in that bloody wind and rain... okay I may be waterproof, but when the wee wooly hat is leaking into your eyes the elbows of the waterproof are soaked through and the rain is tipping a channel from neck to top of tights..then just making them heavier, I soooo wanted to be a duck. However lying in burning warm bath later in the evening feeling terribly exhilarated and patting myself on the back for picking such a great sport. Today resting, tomorrow recovery run.. and no choccie today... nad no beer ..I'm going to lose that kilo I put on last week... if it's the last thing I do.. or else I'm just going to get a cold ... 2 days no beer.... this is my 3rd.. I can do this......
  • Hi Sassie

    All I said that there is a woman only 10k run on SATURDAY 14th december in Worthing called the Christmas Cracker . They also have a 5k at the same time. I know that it is your neck of the woods, sort of but mainly not on your day of work. I will be taking part with my friend another cuddly mother of two and I thought you might be interested
  • Honest I haven't had any beer, but all that just doesn't seem to make sense .. hey ho
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