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  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Redmist, good luck with the Tatton Park 10k if you decide to run it. Hope this years training does enable you to beat last years time!

    WtnMel, thanks, I surprised myself really, logging all those miles. I did wonder whether you would be able to see others kudos and comments, as you don't follow them.

    Sounds good, your visit to Charlecote Park for coffee and a nice walk.

    Well done, getting out for another early morning run.

    JB, well done, that's a cracking time for a 10k! Hopefully, you will run even quicker if you do the local 10k race.

    I'm afraid that I haven't been to Petworth. If it's posh, they probably wouldn't let me in.🤣.

    This morning, Sarah H and I did the Independent structured session of 1 mile. We did a longish warm up, set our Garmins, and set off for a mile lap round the large field. We started at a really good pace, but about half way, my Garmin suddenly flashed up "+2," whatever that means. I couldn't read the text below without my reading glasses. It also stopped recording. This necessitated a stop, resetting my Garmin and starting again, from where we had stopped. The mile was part of the lap we would have been still running on, but as we had to get back early, we turned off and ran the last part down a very bumpy hill, and through some mud, and past white cows with horns. In the circumstances, I was reasonably happy with my 8.13, and Sarah was delighted with her 8.44 pb.
  • JB, that is an impressive time. I'm looking to break 1hr.

    HS, should be relatively easy to improve on my last Tatton run. Can't bring myself to state the time, although I did finish 3rd in my age group. There are few on this board that would have won their age groups, at least.
  • Good afternoon all, 

    Matsmum - You’re back! Hooray! So nice to hear from you again, and congratulations on your recent HM run. It must have been very frustrating though, and tiring too, to have to dodge the crowds at the coast. I haven’t run anything near to a HM distance for a few years now, so much respect to you (and John B) for taking on that distance in the heat. Sorry to hear that you and David have had to self isolate since January, that must be very stressful and frustrating for you both. I imagine you must have felt particularly aggrieved at the hordes of people you came across at the coast who were not socially distancing. People can be so selfish, or at the very least very thoughtless. I agree that the situation isn’t likely to get any better in the short term, you can only take each day as it comes and try to adapt as and when changes occur. If my saying that sounds like I am coping well don’t be fooled. I hate this virus and the changes to my life that it has brought about, but as it looks like we are in it for the long haul we have no option other than to just get on with it. It doesn’t stop me moaning about it from time to time on this forum though.

    RedMist - I wouldn’t call this a forum for elite runners, all abilities catered for on here :)  which is fortunate as I am a bit of a plodder too. Good luck for your 10k next month if you do decide to enter. As I’ve mentioned before on here although I would love to enter an organised event, whether 5k or 10k, I don’t feel I want to run the risk of catching the virus, however slight that may be. My husband is 70 and has ongoing heart problems so I feel it wouldn’t be fair to take any unnecessary risks. 

    HS - I agree with the comment that you are like a machine. I wish I knew your secret, you seem able to increase your mileage, run a variety of distances, and keep improving your times, all the while remaining injury free. You should start your own social media page (or whatever they’re called) explaining your method, I’m sure you would get lots of followers! 

    WtnMel - I’ve just had a quick read through the (many) posts since I last dropped in, but I don’t see anything about your golf match with Alan on Monday - did it still go ahead? I’m very envious of the trips out to NT places that you and Margaret do, they always sound enjoyable, even if a bit crowded from time to time.

    JB - Who’s a speedy boy then? What a great time for something done on a whim, pity about your elbow but hopefully that is now well on the way to being fully healed. I see that not content with a great HM time you then ran a season’s best for 10k three days later. As I said - who’s a speedy boy then?

    Runningfox - I was so sad to read your post, sad not only for you but your lovely partner too. Your decision must have been really difficult to make, knowing how upset she would be. I know your health problems have recently prevented you from running as much as you used to, and it’s obvious from your blog how frustrating you find that. However although you say you wouldn’t get any enjoyment from running on flat grassy areas I hope you might still venture out from time to time to get some enjoyment from nature and being outdoors (I can’t believe you have thrown away all your running kit). In any event, keep up your visits to us here, we’d really miss you if you didn’t.

    I’ve been a bit too busy to do much running myself, although we have done some walking this last week, and I’ve done my usual Pilates, yoga and circuit training. Today I went for a 6 mile run (thanks Garmin for refusing to locate the satellites) and I was surprised at the number of people I came across. I thought that by going out just before lunch, and in drizzly windy weather, I should have my lovely tree lined route to myself, but no such luck, and after counting 15 people in the first mile I stopped counting after that.

    Some other brief news - Steve has now been fitted with his 7 day heart monitor and intends to try some gentle cycling and jogging before returning it. Hopefully that will give us a good idea of what is happening when he exercises. Staying with the health theme - we had a visit from Matt Hancock a couple of days ago. He visited our local hospital, which is on the edge of our estate, just a three minute walk from where we live. We only found out about it on the evening news. Steve says if he’d known he’d have gone along and thrown a pot of paint over him (seems reasonable to me).
  •  Aquarius, I think I would also be tempted to throw a pot of something beginning with p over our Matt. But it might not be paint! A 6 miler is not to be sneezed at. Well done. I generally set 10k as my maximum so I’m not sure where the HM distance came from. I think that when I get into a bit of form I want to cash in. This is usually followed by injury!

    RM, nice to get on the podium with a 3rd place. One of the things I’ve noticed is that 

    a. I’ve slowed up since hitting 65 but
    b. the numbers in the 65 category thin out
    c. so ideally I’d target events that had results in the 65 to 69 category rather than 60 to 69.
    I mean how can we compete with youngsters who are freshly minted 60 year olds?

    HS, I get these idyllic visions of your various courses! On the Garmin issues I’ve only been using one since Xmas but I now swear by it. If it let me down I’d swear at it. Seriously, I think it’s made a difference to my pacing which helps performance. I’ve noticed recently that across all distances my final km is one of my faster and even sometimes the fastest. I’m not sure if this is optimal but it’s good for morale!

    Rest for me today. Might hop on the rower for a sweat fest!
  • Good morning all,

    Aquarius, I don't really have a secret, except that I have been running for nearly 40 years, and have always stretched after every run/race, and know when to ease off if I get any twinges or aches. I'm also more sensible now in my old age, so try not to overdo it. I do advise and run with many of our club runners, so that they can benefit from my experience, knowledge etc. If there is a secret, it could be that I have always been a good judge of pace, so don't "bust a gut," by pushing too hard. 

    Good to hear that you are still persisting with the pilates, yoga and circuit training and went for a 6 mile run yesterday. Strange that you are still having problems with your new garmin locating the satellites.

    I hope that Steve's heart rate monitor does enable the readings to clarify the way ahead.

    I hope that Matt got a warm reception, and I don't mean a friendly one. Does he only have one tie? I've only seen him wearing that pathetic pink one😁

    JB, I stopped comparing my current times with those in my prime, some time ago. I have always been competitive in the Vets. categories, and am now looking forward to when I'm 75 (in December,) and being the youngster in the pack🤣

    I'm very lucky living only a half mile from the forest, and having so many routes to chose from. I'm also lucky in having many lovely friends to run with, which is so important, especially in the current coronavirus climate.

    I also find that my last mile or k is often the quickest, but that is how I have always run. There is nothing like a sprint finish in a marathon!

    Enjoy your rowing session!

    A rest day for me today, and I went to the Hygienist this morning.
  • MatsmumMatsmum ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone. We are currently in our caravan just for the day and David is having a nap so I thought I would pop in and say hi. It's lovely here, overlooking the sea.  The east coast is one of the best kept secrets I  think.  Apart from its  beauty  this area is a magnet for fossil hunters. A complete mammoth was uncovered here!  There was to have been a marathon run here for the first time back in May and it was called the Mammoth  Marathon. Oh well!

    HS - Are you looking forward to Monday?  I bet you could probably achieve that sub 2 hour time given that you seem to be speedier than ever.  Especially given that you are familiar with the route.  It's kind of you to be prepared to forgo the challenge to run alongside the others. 

    Hey, do any of you  have strange rituals that you do  before  an event?  Since starting from home I  have become a Plumper  of Cushions. I  never plump usually, because there are far more important  things I  could be occupied with, but as the time approached for the start of Sunday's  Half I was going round the house plumping for England! Can you think of sportsmen who have displayed idiosyncratic behaviour before stressful situations ( serving or taking a penalty or attempting  a  conversion for example)?

    Aquarius  - You  struggle  a bit with how life has changed?  Me too. I  have 12 grandchildren  who live very close, and our home was always full of children. We see them at a distance, but I  find it difficult  that they no longer ask for a cuddle or ask to  come to Nanny House. David has many health issues  and we are both 73, so we are very very careful. Luckier  than most though, living in  a beautiful  part of the  country and having  family close although  socially distant. Running helps!

    Grandchild number 11 turned 5 at the weekend and we presented him with a formicarium.  Great fun, and we are constantly having updates about ant activities. There is one ant who is a real explorer so he has been named Mr Intrepid. The colony seems to have settled with no casualties. All present and correct!

    Ran 4 miles yesterday, a circular route crossing some fields. Daughter no 2 ran too, leaving me behind but running back to me occasionally. It was a lovely day, with just a slight breeze. I ran faster than usual, 11 mm. That long run on Sunday  must have done me good!

    David just waking so time for a cup of tea!

  • HS, I think there’ll be many who would benefit from your sage advice. I could well be one of them!

    Matsmum, I hope you are enjoying the East coast. At least it’s generally flat? I don’t really know much of that area but I did once have a holiday in Cromer and it was lovely. I also spent 2 years in Colchester and a year in Clacton and it would be a stretch to describe either of them as lovely! Really good run from you.

    As for me, I clocked up a PB for 5k on the rower and am now down to 22.04. Not sure if this is any good but at least I’m going in the right direction. Not that you can go in any direction on a static rowing machine!
  • JB, Not a bad time at all for 5K rowing. I actually swapped my Concept 2 rower for a good treadmill, 6 months ago. I have to say that I was a much better rower than a runner with PBs of 3:23, 19:50, 41:20 and 3:13:25 for 1K, 5K, 10K and marathon distances respectively.
    I use the treadmill for incline 5K and 10K runs of 5% and 10%. It has helped to improve my road running times a little. I now alternate between running and calisthenic exercises (three days of each with a rest day on Saturday). Before I retired I went to the gym at least 3 days a week for around twenty years, with little to show for it. Six months of body weight exercises and using resistance bands has had far more effect than all those gym sessions (and a heck of a lot cheaper).
    I've now committed to the Tatton Park 10K, so long as it goes ahead. Currently trying to tempt my daughter to join me. We have some great competition, being of a very similar standard, although she, as a late comer to running is beginning to leave me behind in the longer runs.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Matsmum, sounds like you were having a lovely day yesterday, on the East Coast. The only time I have visited the East Coast was many years ago, when I was a teenager, and a friend and I spent a week at Skegness.  I tell a lie, when I was 21, four of us hired two boats on the Norfolk Broads in May, and "drove" to Southend on Sea, where we enjoyed the amusement park with fairground rides. 

    Yes, I am looking forward to Monday's virtual half marathon. I have received my race number, but will treat the run as a social. There is no date limit for running until December, so I could do it again if I wanted to set a serious time. The way it works is to record the run on Strava or Garmin Connect, and copy and paste to the submission form which they have emailed. I will let you know what time we ran, plus a race report.

    Regarding strange rituals, Dame Kelly Holmes would only use the same portaloo before racing on the track. On one occasion, that loo was locked, so she asked one of the shot putters to force it open for her. He wasn't very impressed. My only ritual, which I no longer do, was to always untie and tie up again my trainers, just before the start of every race.

    Your 4 mile run sounded good, especially running with one of your daughters. It's surprising how long runs/races improve ones fitness and speed.

    JB, I'm always happy to share my knowledge of running, training and recovery.

    Well done for your 5k pb on the rower. That sounds quite hard core to me, rowing for over 22 minutes. I used to have a go on one after my spinning sessions, but it was only for about 10 minutes.

    Redmist, I have never "got on" with treadmills. I hope your Tatton Park 10k does go ahead, and that your daughter does enter it with you. Some of the runners I run with are younger than my daughter, which makes me feel really old.

    Today was another rest day from running, but I did my twice weekly walk back from the supermarket, carrying 4 very heavy bags of shopping. I try to think of "The Worlds Strongest Man" competition, where they attempt to run with a very heavy weight in each hand. I do think that it is making me stronger, as I can walk all the way now, without stopping and putting them down. When I got home I did the front plank and press ups.
  • Afternoon all,

    A quick Garmin update (I know how thrilling you must all be finding this) - 

    After my 6 mile run on Wednesday (which I’ve now re-estimated as actually being 5.5) I was so annoyed that I hadn’t been able to lock on to GPS that as soon as I got back home I asked Steve to put his Garmin on and walk around the estate with me to see if his Garmin could find the satellites, which it did, although mine still didn’t until I was about to re-enter our house.
    So yesterday, when we were at the coast for my Chiropractor session, I tried it out again. Steve went for a run/walk (he started Couch to 5k again yesterday) and had no problem locating the satellites as he ran along the promenade. I however walked from the Chiropractor’s to the prom, a little over a mile, without finding any satellites. On the way I walked through an open park, then along the sea front, so I was sure there couldn’t be any blocking of the signal from tall buildings. Also the weather conditions were quite different from Wednesday, being sunny instead of overcast and drizzly. (I know the weather probably has no effect on the GPS system but I thought it was just possible it might have made a difference, I was grasping at straws by this stage).
    Then we drove a few miles up the coast and walked for 2 miles through sand dunes - still no satellites for me, but Steve got them straight away. By now I’d decided to return the watch but decided to try once more, so this morning I went to my local park for my hill repeats session, I did eventually get satelitte reception but only after I’d run a mile to the park and done two hill repeats.
    So on return I contacted Amazon and they are sending a replacement watch to me which will arrive tomorrow, the defective one will be picked up by Hermes free of charge on Monday. 

  • HS -  our posts crossed (again :) ). It would appear that your shopping days are doing double duty as strength training days! It’s good that you can now get all the way home without having to stop and rest, it just shows that you are getting stronger all the time. Good luck with Monday’s HM, it's nice to know that you can run it as often as you want between now and December if you want to try to improve on your time. All races should be like that - it would certainly take the pressure off. Looking forward as ever to your race report.

    Matsmum - Do you often get to spend time at your caravan? It sounds like a nice relaxing way to have a short break, doing what you want when you want, with no worries about social distancing. Well done for your run yesterday across fields, that was a good time. How nice to be able to run with your daughter, my eldest son (who is currently living with us) is a runner too, but much faster than me obviously. We don’t train together, but do enter some races together, but he always draws the short straw by having to wait for ages at the finish line until I totter over. It’s not too bad in the summer, but some winter races have left him shivering and blue. Steve used to run with me but he’s not done any running for almost three years now due to his heart problems. We are keeping fingers crossed that he will get sorted out one day and get back to running. The hospital has encouraged him to start exercising again so they can judge if his op in December was successful - hence his Couch to 5k run yesterday. 
    Twelve grandchildren, my word they must have kept you busy before Covid struck. We only have two grandchildren, a granddaughter who lives with us for part of the week (and is at her mother’s the rest of the time - forming our “social bubble” or whatever they call them) and a grandson who just lives down the road from us but, due to the new restrictions for the North East, we cannot see him and his family even though they live so close, as we already have a bubble thing with our granddaughter’s family. Strange times.

    JB - Well done for your rowing PB. Do you listen to music or watch television or do something similar to pass the time while on the rower? I think I would get bored quite quickly without a constant change of scenery or some other distraction. 

    Redmist - I see you were also no slouch where rowing was concerned, great times and for such a variety of distances too. What made you give up?
    Like you we also went to the gym three times a week for years, and really didn’t feel like we were getting any fitter as a result. That’s when we ditched the gym and built up our running outdoors. Lately I’ve introduced yoga, Pilates and various strength exercises into my weekly routine and I'm definitely feeling the benefit, I wish I’d done it years ago. I might have been a better runner now. 

    WtnMel - I’m in need of some IT advice please. I deleted a load of emails a few days ago, and since then I’ve been getting a message from Microsoft every couple of hours telling me that I have a folder that has a name conflict with a system folder. I know which one it is, some years ago an extra Junk mail box appeared in my list of folders. (The system folder is just called “Junk” but the extra one has called itself “Junk email”). The same thing happened to Steve’s Hotmail account at around the same time. We were a little surprised at the time, but as it didn’t seem to be causing any problems we didn’t do anything about it. The strange thing is that this "Junk email” folder only appears in the list of folders in my Hotmail account on my iPhone, it isn’t present in Hotmail on my Mac laptop. I’ve tried deleting the unwanted “Junk email” folder, and even tried renaming it (as advised by Microsoft) but it won’t let me do either of these things. Have you come across this before?
  • Hey Guys sorry I have just been lurking recently with no input.
    I was 46 the other day but I see we have a guy from wigan which is near me.
  • RM, I can only dream of matching your times on the rower. But it’s not for the want of trying. It is a very boring form of exercise. I listen to the radio but TBH I have to concentrate on technique.

    Talking of cross training.RM. I also vary my training. I tend to do sets of pull ups, press ups and a bit of kettlebell stuff. Forgive me if I’ve bored you with this before but last year I tried a cross fit routine called The Murph, named after a US war hero. This consists of 

    1 mile run
    300 squats 
    200 press ups
    100 pull ups
    1 mile run

    i managed this in 43 minutes. The pros do this with a 10kg weighted vest! And in about 30 minutes.

    It was quite tough.

    Back to running. 23.12 today in blustery conditions for 5k.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone - catching up after a couple of days away from the thread.

    JB - well done re your SB time for the 10K. My partner Margaret and I were so fed up staying local during the lockdown, we've been making a point of getting out to NT gardens since the rules were relaxed a bit. Incidentally, I used to live in Cirencester which also has a polo club (in the park which is owned by Earl Bathurst - he lets the plebs walk in the park or ride their horses but no cycling is allowed though!). Re your later post, I'm sure the numbers of opponents thin out but no sign of me getting any closer to the front of my age group. I'm 68 now - perhaps I'll have more luck after I turn 70? :) I usually speed up over the last mile of my run as I know I'm nearing the finish and can put more effort in knowing it will soon finish.

    HS - yes, on Strava I can see comments on your running and who has given you kudos, even though I don't follow any of those people. Well done re your 1ml session - but boo to having Garmin problems. You mentioned white cows with horns - I think I read in the paper they have recently let loose pigs in the New Forest that eat the acorns? Re Matt Hancock's tie - before my company went 'smart casual' I made my own quiet protest by wearing the same tie every single day for a number of years, before finally discarding it one hot summer and it never got worn again as the company dress code changed. Well done for continuing with the weight-training and not lapsing into using the car for shopping.

    Aquarius - umm yes, no mention of Mon's golf as it was so dire .. see below for an update. As mentioned above, we've been making a point of getting out while we can and one advantage of the NT places being less busy than usual is it's easier to get photos without hordes of people in them and I've been posting the results on FB. Well done for keeping up with the pilates, yoga and circuit training. Sorry to hear about your returning problem with your Garmin not finding the satellite signals. Good to hear Steve has been fitted with the 7-day HRM - hope the results of the gentle cycling and jogging prove useful. I'd have also been tempted to throw something at Matt Hancock (not just him - would gladly throw things at any of the current cabinet). Reading your later post - it does sound like there is a problem with the new Garmin if you were unable to get any signal when Steve could easily. Reading the post after that - I've never come across the Hotmail problem you described with the name conflict. I did a quick check and found someone describing the same problem re name conflicts with 'Junk'. The answer seemed to be to log in to Hotmail in a web browser and drag the folder named Junk to the 'Junk e-mail' folder (or vice-versa). Let me know if (a) that makes sense (b) whether it helps!

    Matsmum - it's been a while since I've been to the east coast. Don't know where you are exactly but I had some enjoyable holidays in Norfolk and Suffolk and keep promising myself I'll go back there some day (especially enjoyed the coast near Holkham and the area around Woodbridge and Aldeburgh). Nope - no strange rituals performed here before a run/race apart from the obvious one of making sure my laces are tied tightly. I don't have any grandchildren of my own but I'm a sort-of Grandad to my partner Margaret's two granddaughters (I'm Grandad Mel to differentiate me from the other two Grandads). Well done re your 4ml run - the group I used to run with on Thu's had faster runners but they used to loop back regularly (well, most of the time anyway, but that's a different story!).

    Redmist - since I've been running outside I've not got round to fixing my treadmill which broke a few months ago. The running belt started breaking apart but I have the details of the part number to replace it and the name/number of a local firm who can probably fit the new belt. I'm thinking as Autumn is approaching I should get it fixed so I can use it when the weather gets bad. I've not been to a gym for a long time - but although I have resistance bands and weights, none of them get much use :( 

    Wore myself out again on Thu as I was working in the garden again with my son and swinging a pickaxe to remove some tree stumps - felt very 'creaky' later that evening but no after-effects like sore muscles.

    On Mon I played Alan at golf and it was dire. We played a new, trickier course and I went into ditches five 5 times, hedges & trees 3 times but thankfully, only 1 bunker. To try and rectify things, I've been to the driving range twice this week (Wed & Fri) and was hitting the ball much better as I seem to have sussed out what I was doing wrong. Fingers crossed I have a better round on Mon when I'm playing Alan again. I did try to book another lesson but must have picked the wrong times as there was no-one available to take my booking when I popped into the pro-shop.

    I ran 4mls this morning - it was definitely cooler so for the first time I wore an extra layer under my running t-shirt.

    Lunch soon then Margaret and I are off to get our flu jab this afternoon.
  • DN, Oh to be 46 again (and know what I know now). What part of the North West do you hail from. Hopefully not one in semi-lockdown.

    JB, Wow, that Murph routine and your time is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, one aspect is my Achilles heel.....pull-ups, and this plus my 9 minute miles would see me well north of your impressive time. Don't know why I can't do pull-ups; I've been trying for 40 years to master the skill. Think it's something in my make-up (no, not the wrong lipstick). Also, if my better half ever spots a pull-up bar attached to a door frame, I may suffer permanent damage to my hearing.

    Aquarius, I gave up rowing as I did not have room in my garage/man cave for both a rower and a treadmill. Also, as JB states, rowing is pretty boring.
  • Redmist, I would thought with your excellent times on the rower that you would have pretty strong lats? We are all configured differently. Despite years of weight training I still consider myself to be a bit of weakling. The only 3 things I’m any good at are running, pull ups and press ups. It helps being 142lbs that I’ve not got a lot to pull or push up!

    Mel, if your fingers are crossed while you are playing, this might be leading to a grip problem that’s holding your golf game back? I love it when folk take their sport seriously as you clearly do and look forward to hearing of your improvements.

    DN, wasn’t there some research published last week that showed people are at their most miserable at 48? In my case that was probably pretty spot on, but I hope you avoid it somehow. Running helps!

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, sorry to hear that your new Garmin has been playing up, but it's good that Amazon are replacing it. Has it arrived today, as promised?

    I'm sure that walking twice a week with heavy shopping is making me stronger. 

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to Monday's virtual NF Half Marathon, but don't expect a quick time. We haven't run this route since before the pandemic, so will be good to run it again.

    Hi Damien, belated happy birthday for your 46th recently, it seems that you are the youngster on here😁.

    JB, that CrossFit session is unbelievable. I couldn't do 200 press ups, let alone the mile runs, pull ups etc. Well done for todays 23.12 5k!

    WtnMel, thanks for your comments on the recent mile. It was very frustrating when the Garmin "played up." A similar thing happened during this mornings 5k, it flashed up "+8" with text below which I couldn't read without glasses. I ignored it, and it hadn't affected anything. Mike said that he thought the numbers referred to laps, and if we could confirm that, he could probably prevent it from happening. Sarah H and I had to run past the white cows with horns during Wednesdays mile. They always appear to be aggressive. Yes the pigs have been let loose in the forest again to eat the acorns. They were doing the annual round up of the ponies on Sunday, which is always scary, as they instinctively gallop away to try and escape.

    Interesting to note that you also adopted a one tie approach whilst you were at work. I wonder what Matt's reason is. Perhaps he can't afford another tie on the below the breadline salary that he is on!

    Hope you have better luck on Monday when you have another golf match with Alan. Good that you and Margaret will be having your flu jabs this afternoon. I've manged to book one for next Saturday at 9.30am. I was very lucky because it was a cancellation and they still haven't  set up another programme of tests yet. 

    This mornings forest 5k with Sarah F and Mike went well. We didn't put as much effort in as usual because of Mondays Half Marathon, but 27.38 was quite acceptable.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Redmist - my partner's son has a rowing machine. His dad came back from the USA and as he was WFH at the time, he didn't want to take any chances and stayed with us until his dad flew back to the states. He brought the rowing machine with him for his daily exercise fix and as there is already an exercise bike in the conservatory, it got a bit cramped in there as he also had his desk and office chair in there too.

    JB - touché. More accurately, I have my fingers interlocked when I play golf ;) I have taken golf more seriously since retiring. Time was I was happy to 'hack' my way round the course when I played occasionally for fun. Now I'm a more regular golfer (and have bought new clubs) I've had lessons to make it more enjoyable to play. I still sometimes find myself hacking my way along the fairways but although I'm still a bit rubbish, I'm far better than I used to be. And I have my seemingly unending quest to get good enough to beat my golfing partner Alan on a regular basis.

    Had the flu jab earlier - arm beginning to ache a bit now (as expected).
  • Mel, we had our flu jabs too yesterday. And yes the arm is a bit tender. On the golf performance, it’s still just great to be getting at something sporty at our age.
    Well done on your improvement. And good to have a defined objective as per beating your pal.

    HS, yes the cross fit thing sounded impossible to me too. It was mentioned in Runners World mag. The trick is to do the exercises in sets of 20 ie 15 squats, 10 press ups and 5 pull ups x 20. 

    21.44 km in 2 hours flat today. A sub 2 hour marathon at 5.36 per km. Now v. tired!
  • JB, respect yet again. I did my usual 9.1 miles this morning in 1:28 precisely. It was a bit more breezy than I had anticipated and quite warm but I can't say that the conditions greatly affected my time. This was my second run in some new Mizuno shoes and I'm quite pleased with them, given that I didn't pay the crazy prices that abound these days for so called elite runners shoes. In actual fact, I've just sold some Asics Gel Kayano shoes which I bought in the hope that my times would massively improve, having read the reviews about them. What happened was quite the opposite as I was minutes slower than in my battered Hokas. I told myself that, to get the best out of the Asics one must be a better runner than I am.
    Following your comment on rowing and lat development, I did a bit of You Tube research and found some cracking resistance band exercises for general back muscle development and specific lat workouts. Here's hoping I can finally achieve a respectable pull-up after a few weeks of those.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I remember my arm aching after last years flu jab. Seems like mine will have the same effect on Saturday. Hope it wears off for the Monday, as that is when we are doing the Hardley-a-round again.

    JB, that cross fit session doesn't sound as bad, broken down. I was assuming 200 successive press ups! I can manage 20, but have never tried repeats.

    Well done for your world record marathon, sub 2 hours! I presume that was a deliberate mistake, to see if anyone spotted it🤣 2 hours flat for the half is excellent at your age, and 5.36 per k is amazing.  I have difficulty getting below that pace in my 5k's! I've been looking back at my records and my half marathon pb is 1.20.58 set back in 1993 when I was 47. It was the Portsmouth Half. I can only dream about those days now.

    Redmist, well done for your 9.1 miles in 1.28.

    This morning was an easy 5k jog to loosen up my legs, for tomorrows virtual New Forest Half Marathon. I'm only expecting to run about 2hours 30 minutes, as I will be running with 4 others, so it will be more of a social.
  • MatsmumMatsmum ✭✭✭
    Best of luck tomorrow, HS. Take it easy and enjoy the company.  
  • john bateman 6john bateman 6 ✭✭✭
    edited September 21
    HS, ha, ha! Well spotted! My Garmin only flags an HM distance late, as it were. And I get so tired that I can never remember the HM distance in Kms. So I actually ran 21.44km in the 2 hours. I remember your point about a fast finish and I managed 5.20 for the last Km. Your PB at HM outclasses my 1.31 so that puts things into perspective. Best of luck for your virtual one.

    RM, I think I must be a trainer manufacturers nightmare as I only ever have one pair of trainers, don’t change them until they fall apart and then don’t go much above £35! Funny you should mention resistance bands as I asked my son to order some for me through Amazon Prime and went to pick them up on Saturday. After about an hour of searching his house he realised he’d put the box out for the bin-men, with the product still in it! I disinherited him on the spot!

    The 10k I’ve been training for has been postponed.
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel - sorry to hear your golf game was a bit of a disappointment, but there’s always next time (today I believe?). At least you appear to have sussed out what you are doing wrong, so you know how to improve (although always easier to say than do). I believe Gibside was featured last night on that television programme about NT properties, that’s where I do my parkruns, so I’ll have to try to watch it on catch-up. I don’t suppose they’ll spend much time on the part of the estate that forms our course (and also the Great Run weekly 5k course) as it is mainly hills, nothing particularly picturesque. Thanks for the advice regarding that extra junk mailbox. The problem though is that this rogue mailbox doesn’t show up anywhere except in Hotmail on my iPhone, and it’s not possible to drag it to the system junk mailbox on my phone as trying to do that just moves the whole screen, not the mailbox. Like HS we have also our flu jabs appointments this coming Saturday, no doubt we’ll be joining the sore arm club afterwards. 

    HS - strange to say, I hadn’t noticed Matt’s addiction to pink ties before you mentioned it (I’m generously assuming he has a whole collection of them, rather than just the one, because if it was his one and only tie, he surely he wouldn’t take the chance of appearing on television with a gravy stain on it?). My new Garmin (still a 45s) has arrived and I used it yesterday for a 6 mile run and I’m pleased to say it performed perfectly. Let’s hope it stays that way. I hope the issues you’ve been experiencing with your new watch are nothing serious, just lap data related. 

    JB - I think you’re being very modest about the Murph routine you used to do, it sounds like torture to me, but no doubt it had a positive impact on your running ability. A fair return for the effort you put in. (However, maybe not enough to achieve a sub 2 hour “marathon”? ;) ) Haha I hope the bin men liked your “gift”, they might even take advantage of it. Gone are the days when bin men used to heave the old metal bins up across their shoulders to empty into the bin lorry, nowadays they just wheel them over to the lorry and let the machinery do the heavy lifting. No doubt a few resistance band sessions would do them good. Sorry to see your 10k has been cancelled, but not really surprised.

    Redmist - Isn’t it odd how some shoes are perfect for one runner, but no good for another? I used to run in Asics Gel Nimbus and loved them, until one year they made the toe box much narrower which resulted in my toes becoming numb on long runs, so after a few runs I gave them away to a club member, who in turn gave them to her daughter, who loved them and found them early comfortable. I now stick to Brooks, and although tempted to try a different brand, I’ve never actually done so. I think shoes are so expensive I’m safer just staying with a brand I know I have no problems with. Good luck with your resistance band exercises - let us know how you get on with them.

    Damien - belated birthday wishes.

    As mentioned above I did a 6 mile run yesterday, broken down into a 5k for my not-a-parkrun time, then a recovery run back home. Tomorrow is Zoom Pilates, but before that we are going on a walk to see if there are any late blackberries left in the hedges. :)

  • Good evening everyone,

    Matsmum, thanks, the run went well, details below.

    JB, oh dear, your son putting your box of resistance bands out for the binmen. Lucky it wasn't a box containing new trainers!

    Sorry to hear that your 10k has been postponed.

    Aquarius, you may be right that Matt has more than  one pink tie, but why pink ones. Presume he thinks that they are trendy, sad really!

    Glad to hear that your replacement Garmin 45 connected to the satellites without any problems. No problems with my Garmin during todays virtual half marathon.

    I remember the days when the bin men used to carry the bins on their shoulders and empty them into the lorries. 

    Well done for yesterdays 6 miles. Enjoy tomorrows walk and the zoom session.

    This mornings virtual NF Half Marathon with the two Sarah's and Jane went really well. We ran it on the club's Solent Half Marathon route, which is quite hilly. My time was 2.13.48, so I was quite pleased with that.

  • Well done HS, a very good time for a hilly route.  :)
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