Chelmsford 10 K

Does anyone know anything about this one. I did my first10k two weeks ago and am looking for another to try and get below 60 mins.



  • Do you know when it is scarlett1

  • hi, its the 24th Nov says on the link above...

    Seriously areyou thinking of going?

  • I've now added this event to the Races page on the URWFRC website. Come on and sign up for it y'all......
  • I've just downloaded the entry from from Chelmsford AC's website, so I guess I'll be doing it.

  • For those of you who like to turn up at the last minute it's worth noting that no entries will be accepted on the day after 1.30pm (2.30 start).
  • Thought I'd ask Glenn what the URL for Chelmsford AC is, then decided to bloody well get my finger out. It's....

    Thinking hard about this one. Will probably leave it til the day (pre-1:30!) in case my knee doesn't like Stowmarket.
  • I'm aiming to run it (last race of the year for me unless I do Ely on New Years Eve.)

    I'm guess from the lack of information from anybody, that nobody here has ever run it before.

    Hope its flat as I would like to go out this year with a bang. If its not flat, it could be my calf going out with a bang!

  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Not a great deal of info on the Chelmsford site, something about a largely rural setting which is suitable for all comers, which is good!
  • I may consider this one too. I work in Chelmsford and it doesn't seem to be hilly, but I am not sure of the exact route.
  • As it starts at Melbourne Stadium and says it's rural, I assume the course must be out around the Chignals somewhere. Not notoriously hilly.
  • I've done this for the last two years, and use this course as part of my marathon training.

    Basically you start on Chignall road and head round Chignall Smealy and Chignall St James. This section is slightly undulating (for round here which is not saying a lot), and finish in Melbourne Stadium, so nice flat straight finish. I think you have a choice of socks or something else at the end.

    The majority of it is rural, you pass some nice houses. The only hazard I've encountered was the first time I ran it, a lady was riding her horse on the roads and unsurprisingly it spooked and cantered down the road with runners fleeing those flailing hooves. Once this year I did the route was training for FLM only to discover the road was covered with cows as they decided to go for a saunter from the local farm!
  • Hi,Parky. As youve done the run do you think Ill be ok running it, I finished my last 10K in 65 mins. Im hoping for a bit of company at the back...


    Like the sound of horses and cows being the only hazards
  • Hi scarlett1. I am thinking of entering this one and it will be my first race of any kind! I only run occasionally and want to get more disciplined (and fitter) so a race seems a good way to do that. Any way the point in replying to your thread is i expect you will have some company at the back even if its only me. I have no idea of times but will be looking just to get round an finish! maybe see you at back dodging the cows and horses.

  • Myself and my two "in-laws" have entered the Chlemsford 10K and only one of us has done this distance in a race before so there is bound to be at least 5 of us at the back of the field!

    Should be good fun though-am looking forward to my first race.
  • Scarlett1,

    I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be okay. Its quite a biggish field and theres a real range of runners there. Give it a go, I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of people behind you!

    Actually its quite a nice route, specially round Chignall Smealy
  • This sounds really silly but I've never taken part in a race before and I would like to know if I'm likely to be the only one that walks part of the route.Im running the london marathon and need as much help as possible-I just want to get round the course
  • Excellent race with good quality field. The course is mildly undulating with a couple of small inclines after half way but is run on quiet country roads. Several runners including myself were terrified 2 years ago when some poor woman lost control of the horse she was riding and the horse bolted down the road. Thankfully both were ok but I've never seen so many runners move to the left hand side of a road so quickly before!!
  • Can anyone tell me, how this course compares to the Billericay course, in regard to hills !!!!!
  • There are some undulations mainly around Chignall St James which is probably the 6k - 7k mark, and then a hill from the Three Elms upto Melbourne road.

    Theres a slight incline near the start but nothing like the two near the start at Billericay.

    However there is a nice flat straight finish towards the Melbourne stadium
  • I don't mind hills at the beginning of a race .... but not at the end .... !!!
  • To all the newbies, I would say, just give it a ago.

    I only did my first race in May and had all the same fears about trailing round at the back, turning up at the finish as they are taking down the timing clock etc etc etc.

    Basiclly, you find that the rest of the field aren't elite either and most people in races are middle of the pack runners. Have a look at the scaa page below and click on race results (sorry I can't give you the exact URL but the WWW page is down at the moment). It gives results of various Suffolk races and will give you an idea of what sort of times people do in races. Don't look at the beginning of the list, look at the end!

    Finally bear in mind that the race makes you go quicker. My wife did a 5k race 5 minutes faster than her training suggested, mearly because the adreneline is flowing and you puch harder to keep up with the others.

    Take it easy to start with and you will be fine.

    Thanks for all those who responded with details of the course. I'm looking forward to it now.

  • Both myself and my partner are thinking seriously about this one, it will make a change from the cross country mud..
  • A moral dilemma.

    My physio (re ITBS) has told me to limit it to 5K every other day at most until I've got half a dozen done, then progress to 6K, 7K etc.
    On the other hand, I did Stowmarket on Sunday and loved it, and I feel 98% fit.

    Do I
    (a) run Chelmsford and not tell her
    (b) run Chelmsford and confess tearfully the following day
    (c) be very good and rest up?

    Or is that a trilemma?
  • hi, Swerve. Id hate to say it but i think c would be the best option. How recently have you started seeing the physio?

    I think my husband is also suffering from ITBS, is it always a physio job? Hes running on the 24th, but the last time we did a 10k together he couldnt run for about a week but he wont stop!
  • Swerve, I agree with Scarlett - I'd give it a miss! You don't want to do yourself even more damage just for the sake of one race - you could be out of action for ages if you damage yourself even more! I was intending to do this one, but can't now 'cos of work commitments..
  • Curses!
    You sensible lot!
    So much for my poor attempt at abdicating responsibility.

    Ely New Year's Eve seems so far away. :-(

    Scarlett, your hubby really ought to stop if he gets any significant pain. It certainly does damage to carry on through it.

    Physio is a good idea, but may well not be necessary. He ought to get his gait analysed by a podiatrist or a specialist sports shop with video treadmill analysis. I think getting appropriate footwear was the best thing I've done. Also (despite my earlier posting!) rest is very important. At least a fortnight after significant pain, then come back very gradually. Strengthening the abductor muscles (the ones which move the legs apart sideways) might be good too (I'm not convinced yet). And people (including my physio) think stretching is good (see this month's RW for some ITB stretches), but I think it's tricky to get the balance right between over- and under-stretching. But definitely find out the biomechanical causes - gait analysis!
  • Thanks Swerve , glad to see you seen sense.

    Do you know of a good sports shop with the video treadmill, were near harlow.

    Thanks and Ill pass on your advice

  • Hi Scarlett.

    The only one I know is the one in Peterborough which sorted me out (Advance Performance -, but I believe there are others dotted about the country. Maybe try asking in the Health & Injury forum?
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