Friday Session

drewdrew ✭✭✭
What: 5 mile conditioning run
Why: didn't do my run last night because I felt very tired and my heart rate was too high. Friday was meant to be my rest day.
Last hard day: Wednesday
Last rest day: Yesterday


  • Drew,

    just wondering from your description of your Wednesday track session what a 3 x 4 x 300m session is? I think you're wise to take a day off if you're tired, I 've certainly made the mistake of trying to push through fatigue and ending up injured (or burnt out) a few too many times.

    What: rest day
    Why: one of 2 rest days per week
    Days since last hard run: 1 (yesterday)
    Days since last rest: 0 (today)

    Biking tomorrow looks like it could be a little wet!! If it carries on like this I might be able to go surfing instead!

  • Sorry, logged on and didn't realise you'd already started! Take it easy Drew.
  • It’s Friday !!! :o))

    What :
    AM – Swim – Pyramid set 300m-400m-500m-400m-300m
    PM – Bike – Steady Hour
    It’s hard swim day

    Last Hard Day : Today
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • What: Rest day.

    Why: It's seven days since my last rest day and I need one - when I got on the steppy last night to warm up and my calves felt as if they'd been doused in petrol and set alight, I realised that I might have overdone things a bit this week.

    Last hard day: Wednesday

    Last rest day: Friday.

    I'm exchanging running shoes for hiking boots this weekend and hope to come back on Monday with stressed but happy legs and the scalps of a couple of Cumbrian hillocks. Hope the weather forecast is wrong!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    What: rest day
    Why: one day off exercise each week and today is the day, plus having friends staying makes it hard to train today.

    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Complete rest was last saturday, but last cross-training day was Weds

    I did my 6 hilly miles round the campus yesterday and my erstwhile training partner even joined me for the first lap and a half. Thanks to the Estate Management employees at Nott'm Uni in the white van who jeered at us on the way past. As my training partner is a member of staff there and I'm an alumnus, you're lucky we haven't reported you!!
  • What: interval session - 4 x 1 mile off 1/3rd mile jog (usually takes ~ 2:40) recoveries
    Why: familiar session but not one I've done for at least a month
    Last hard day: Monday
    Last rest day: Sunday
  • What:
    AM- Swim 1500m
    PM - Easy (very very easy) 4 miles
    Why: Because it is my easy day
    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last Rest Day: Sunday
  • Ironman

    Have you don an Ironman?

  • Will,

    I have done two full distance, and two half distance events. I have a terrible swim leg, which I am trying to improve on for next year. My strength is definately in the run leg, where I clocked a 3:44 marathon this year.

    Have you done/planning to do any?

  • Drew,

    what is a "conditioning run"?
  • Ironman

    I’ve only done shorter distances, but my long term goal is an Ironman – I am not fast at any discipline, but not slow either, I’m a get there eventually sort of person.

    I done my first open water event this year – next year I’m hoping to get a few open water Olympic events under my belt, then look at the half with an aim of doing a full Ironman before I’m 40 (I’m 36 now)

    I’ve been looking at the Bigfoot Iron man, in Canada, as a possibility as its quite flat or a European based one.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Already posted on Laura's thread but may as well do another:

    What: Hopefully the 4.5 mile steady run I'd planned to do yesterday, but the stress of moving-related paperwork got in the way!
    Why: 'Cos I didn't do it yesterday and Friday is usually my rest day.
    Last hard: Wednesday, when I did 3 x 1 km intervals with 3-minute recoveries between (but ran too hard on the first interval so didn't manage to maintain a constant pace for each repeat: don't own a HRM so have to rely on my own judgement). It hammered it down with rain as soon as I set out so I was lietrally wet through after five minutes. Got some strange looks from people huddled under umbrellas!
    Last rest: Yesterday (although not intentional).

    I am seriously impressed at the idea of anyone taking part in an Ironman!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Mike, It's another name for a recovery run, although I just made it up myself! It just sounds as though your actually doing something useful rather than simply recovering from your last hard run. It's a psychological thing.

    MM, the 3 x 4 x 300 session is 3 sets of 4 x 300m repeats off 30 second intervals with 5 minutes between sets. This is quite a tough session as the 30 second interval is not sufficient to allow full recovery. It's a real leg hurter. The repeats were done at about 5:15 pace.
  • Drew, thanks for the clarification, it definitely sounds like a killer session to me! No wonder you were tired yesterday. Hope the spring is back in your stride today.

    WildWill + Ironman, I (like Minkin) am also seriously impressed by anyone taking part in triathlon. I'm always knackered after either running OR biking and the few times I've done duathlons (or brick sessions) I've felt like a total rubberman on the run. Which Ironmans did you do Ironman??

  • Changed my mind and did my "other" familiar long interval session - 2 miles fast, 1 mile jog recovery, 2 miles fast.
    Result was 11:55, 7:47, 11:51

    Did it relatively easily (note the adjective!) - average HR (insofar as that's relevant for an interval session) down 3 bpm on last time, and jog recovery significantly faster.
    Good session in miserable, continuous, light to moderate rain - at least there was very little wind.
  • What: 20 mins warm up on step machine - translates to 60 flights of stairs, followed by run of 2 miles in 20 minutes (beginner). Followed by 30mins back on stepper.

    Why: first 5K training and trying to lose weight.

    Last hard day: Wednesday - treadmill for 1.62 miles, stepper 500m, rower 1000m and assorted weights and abs training.

    Last rest day: yesterday. Was shattered, didn't have much choice!
  • pedant's corner....
    sorry - "relatively" is of course an adverb.
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