The 2017 PSOF Kit Order Thread

A tad earlier than originally planned, but nonetheless the time has finally arrived, so what happens next.....

Now - Please list below the kit you would like

31 January - The order book will close.  There will be no more additions to the order book after this time.  If you haven’t registered your order on this thread, you will not be included in the order.

1 February - I will approach LG for a full quote based on the numbers given in this thread

Early/mid February - prices will be published, payment details given, and final sizes and postal address requested

28 February- deadline for payments to be made

By 7 March- contract signed with LG

Approximately 6 weeks later the kit will arrive at Kit Towers where it will be matched, batched and dispatched to you

The 2017 Catalogue isn't available on line yet but last year's prices were

  • Short Zip Cycle Jersey - £45
  • Monaco - £42.50
  • Tri Shorts - £37.50
  • Full Zip Cycle Top - £50
  • Tech T - £35


In previous years we have also ordered arm warmers, gilets, cycle jackets, trisuits and ladies tanks and these would also be available to order this year

LG have now changed their criteria for minimum order level.  Minimum level is now 18 units with no less than 6 units per style for men and 4 for women.  For example, 8 monaco's + 6 course skins + 4 ladies tanks = 18 and therefore can be ordered.  


Points to note

  1. Other items are available and can be found in the catalogue on the LG website. If you would like to order anything different from those items listed above, put it on the list and, subject to normal minimum order levels, it could be ordered
  2. LG kit comes up on the small side so please ask if you have any questions.  I am sure someone would come along and give you advice
  3. The 2016 prices are above so you can work out your spending and budget knowing that payment must be made no later than 28 February
  4. The prices are quoted only as a guideline. 2017 prices will be dependent on LG prices, currency exchange rate, and UK postal charges
  5. Any order not paid for by 28 February will not go through
  6. Any sizes not given by 28 February will not go through
  7. This order will be conducted through THE FORUM ONLY (apart from giving me your postal address)
  8. It will be YOUR responsibility to pop back into this thread for updates
  9. No chase ups. No reminders


So all that's now left for me to do is declare the 2017 Kit order thread well and truly open image...



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