Manchester Marathon 2017



  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    Nell, love those photos! 

    I don't know what it is, but yesterday it felt like the marathon caught up with me. It used to be that I would feel terrible and super hungry the day after the marathon, but now I feel kind of okay until about 4 days later, then it all falls apart. Ended up going home from work yesterday to sleep for a couple of extra hours before starting work in the afternoon :/ Anyone else get that? 
  • I pre-bought the bundle code for 20 quid (now 35) and now I'm trying to get a refund (or does anyone buy it off me?) because 95% of the pictures of me are from the last mile where it looks like im having a heart attack. I'm literally holding onto my heart as I had pains in that region for the last mile. No pictures of me before the last mile, as with most.
    Recovery has been going well, did my first run today morning, an easy 2 miler to see if and where the aches are. Nothing really, it was great. In a week or two I'll start training for the Great North Run. Literally can't wait, so excited to go back to a proper weekly milage.
  • vodkabobvodkabob ✭✭✭
    My Photo's are mix of horrible and semi ok -

    Does anyone still feel really wiped out/drained from Sunday? I ran 10k on wed and legs feel fine but I still feel tired all of the time.

    @MartinU - I am doing the GNR as well, is it your first time?
  • @vodkabob It will be, yes.
    There's enough time to get some speedwork in, aiming to make my current 5k pace into my HM pace in 20 weeks. I haven't done almost any speedwork before, so it should be doable.

    My energy levels are at about ~70-80%, legs feel fine. Maybe you're missing any nutrients or minerals? Iron?
  • vodkabobvodkabob ✭✭✭
    Quite possible Martin, I know I don't eat what I should be at the best of times so that is probably what it is.

    What time did you put down on your entry for the GNR? It is a hard course to get a PB unless you are starting right at the front due to the amount of people running the course.
  • I'm still here lurking Nell :) Thanks for the well wishes for London!

    I'm wiped out after the weekend, so taking it easy this week. I'll head out for a little trot tomorrow and see how I feel. With only 2 weeks till London I'm going for the gently gently approach to make sure I get there in one piece.
  • My pics are, in themselves, really good.  But only two locations seems a bit tight.   I had a half hour gentle run yesterday. Didn't feel too bad at all.  It was lovely today but I resisted but will probably do another 30-40 mins gentle.  Good luck getting back ready for London Coop!  I've never done a double marathon.  Wonder if I might do it later in the year.  Chester and Dublin are 4 weeks apart.   I probably won't though!
  • Oh you lot are convincing me...when is next year's?!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well, it's early April, Leigh - usually the week before Brighton. But yeah, do it. It's a very nice marathon.
    I did 6 miles today - went really well. I was so happy to be out running again that I grinned all the way round and did most of it at MP (unintentionally). I decided I'd do another half between now and Liverpool. I'd wanted to but wasn't sure I could recover well enough, but that doesn't seem to be an issue now. Going from three runs a week to five seems to have made a huge difference to my recovery and leg endurance.
  • Ha! Your photos are OK vodka... nothing horrific there! Sorry to hear your pics were a let down though Martin.

    I'm also doing GNR (my fifth time, I think...) you'll love it Martin - but as vodka says, it's not really a fast race - crowded and a tough slog on a gradual climb from about 8.5 miles to about 11 or so, but the finish running along the coast road is great - as are the Red Arrows!

    Coops - have messaged you :smile:

    NE - I've entered Chester... I had really fancied Copenhagen Mara. - but it's on 21st May and I wasn't at all sure how I'd feel after Manchester since it was my first. Happy to wait until October for my next 26.2 ;) I'm doing Chester HM on 21st May instead - to scope out part of the Mara course.

    G'waan Leigh... g'waan, g'waan, g'waan... you know you want to :smiley:

    Cal - that's good to hear, sounds like you've recovered really well! Are you doing a HM race or HM distance training run?

    Rather belatedly, I returned to running yesterday with just under 5 miles in the afternoon (having got back to my hotel room at 1:55 on Friday night/Saturday morning after a night out on the razz in Manchester)... felt good despite the VERY late night. Followed that with just over 9 miles today - running freely with no real goal pace in mind, just letting my legs do whatever they fancied pace-wise... ended up averaging 9:00/mi., which was nice! Now I need to write my next training spreadsheet targeting a sub-1:40 in Southport HM in July via Kingsley 5K and Chester HM en route :smile:
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nell - It sounds as though your recovery has been great as well. And yes, I meant race - Raneligh Harriers Richmond half. It was my first ever half back in 2011 and my third half in 2015 (the four year gap between my first and second halves were down to injury, including minor foot surgery, both my parents dying and then more injury). I wanted to do it again last year but the timing wasn't convenient. My best time there was 2:11 so I should beat that handily, although a PB is unlikely due to it being gun time only. I'm going to use it more as a sharpener and see what happens.

    What's Southport half like? I'm down for Harry Hawkes 10 in July, which I did last year and loved. After that I have a couple of halves (one of which is Royal Parks) in October, but nothing else planned for the time being since I intend to be jetting off to China for two weeks in September to pursue my other hobby (riding rollercoasters).
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nice to see everyone back at it.
    Cal-Hope the gap between races goes well for you,good luck with the half.
    Nell-I don't think that full and half share much of the same course at Chester, the full goes out Wrexham way and the half to Ellesmere Port way,but might be wrong.I'm hoping to do both of them as well, along with my first ultra in July. 
    As for pics, mine were shocking esp the last ones when I'm injured,glad I didn't buy them.
  • @vodkabob, Nell -
    I'm not sure what I put down, but it would have been either 1:25 or 1:30 for the GNR.
    I guess I need to make sure to allow some uphill running in my runs. Up until the marathon I did my utmost to avoid hills as much as I could, though living in Gateshead, that's an impossible ask.
  • vodkabobvodkabob ✭✭✭
    @MartinU - you will be in one of the first Pens then and fine.
  • Nell, I've finally found your message - I'm not sure how this new messaging system works, but I think I have replied!!
  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    Hey guys, I've got a question about pacers that I forgot to ask earlier. I had originally intended to follow the 5:30 pacer, but when they started I thought they were running much quicker than the pace I thought they were going to be. I was sticking at roughly a 12:30 pace and I lost them really quickly. I'm talking within the first mile of the race. Are pacers suppose to go at a certain pace or just get you over the line in a certain time with faster sections and slower sections? 
  • Hi Faya - I think each individual pacer will have a slightly different tactic depending on their preferred approach. The best thing to do (if you can actually find and get close to your chosen pacer - which is often easier said than done!) is to have a quick word with the pacer beforehand and find out what tactics they are planning. Some will intentionally aim for an even pace but with some leeway to ensure getting under the target time, others will plan for a slightly faster first half to allow for folks to slow down in the second half and still get under the goal time, etc.

    Hey Coops - I can't see any reply from you... but I also can't find my original message to you, so lord knows what's happened there! Basically, I have inflatable bananas for you - or more specifically for your supporters... so I would like to get them to you prior to your departure to London :wink: Can we try the comms again? Maybe you try messaging me directly rather than replying to my mysteriously elusive message? :smile:
  • Si CSi C ✭✭
    Guys quick question about starting pens. I initially put my time as being realistic 04:15 and was put in a light blue bib which was the last starting pen as g. Now although i ended up running just before the 4 hours mark i overtook over 1600 runners. including loads of runners from the pink zone guessing sub 4, yellow bibs guessing sub 3.45 dark blues and greens. My question is why were these runners given faster pens. Is it because many (hundreds) of people fib on their application form? Or is it by poor administration? I found it hard work, tiring and frustrating constantly trying to overtake really slow runners who were running really slow but on paper were so much faster than me. On my next marathon do i stick with my integrity or do wot hundreds of other do and put a faster time say sub 3 just to end up in a realistic pen?
  • Nell, you are such a star!! I've send you a private message now - I think you posted on my 'wall' - who knew we had such things..

    Si C Sorry to hear you had a hard time passing slower runners. I think a lot of people are first time marathoners in big races and either put down aspirational times or just guess because they really don't know. Next time I'd recommend trying to work out what the times of all the people in your pen range from (i.e 4:15 - 5:00) and then place yourself close to the front if you are in the faster half of that range. I'm all for integrity o:)  
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Si, I got the light blue as well (sub-4:30) but started quite a way ahead of where I should have been. Initially I went to stand with the 4:30 pacer but there was such a huge crush of people there I thought, screw it, and made my way forward. The 4:15 pacer didn't catch me until mile 17 or so and I never saw the 4:30 group. I think, whilst integrity is good, sometimes you just have to look out for yourself.
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    hi Cal, this is one of my pet hates. runners can always go towards the back if there is congestion in any specific starting pen. in certain situations slower runners can spoil other competitors experiences if they cant get past. sorry just thought I would point out there are other options.
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