Blisters on arches

Can anybody give me some advice on my ailment. I'm breaking in some new Air Pegasus but they are giving me wicked blisters on the outside arches of both my feet.

Is this likely to go away the more I use the trainer - or is there anything I can do to my trainer/foot to prevent it from happening. I have already considered confining them to back of the wardrobe (the trainers not my feet!)

any advice welcome!



  • Hi Scooby

    I suffered this problem recently on running the Great North Run, and when I run beyond 8 miles in general. I had a cracking blister on my right arch, towards the inside of my foot, couldn't walk very far for the next couple of days!

    I now use either the Compeed (Medium) Plasters - (the expensive option at £4 for 5) or Zinc Oxide tape (£1.80 for 2.5cm x 3m) on the area that tends to blister.

    I also find that a thicker sock helps eliminate some of the friction. Sometimes even 2 pairs of socks!

    I'm still experimenting myself, so I'm sure others will have other things to try.

    Hope this helps.
  • cheers gusher - so i don't need to throw the trainers out the window just yet.

  • If you can wear a thinish pair of sports socks against the feet and a pair of running socks on top that usually works well. Means that the rubbing is between the two pairs of socks rather than between your feet and the socks. As well as the Zinc Oxide tape, which I swear by, you can try coating your feet in vaseline... feels a bit wierd at first but it really does work.
  • hmmm vaseline - sounds nice!
    so vaseline, zinc tape, compeed plasters and 2 pairs of socks
    cheers for the advice !
  • The idea is you won't be able to get your shoes on after all that, so they can't cause blisters ;-)

    Seriously though - it's also possible to get sock with two layers which I find can help. I also use vaseline around the toes, as these sometimes rub together.

    Best of luck with it scoobs!

  • All good advice. Have you thought about taking the trainer liners out and replacing them from a pair of trainers that were comfortable? It could be that the liners have a built in arch support that you don't need.
  • I've tried a different pair of insoles - but not the ones from my usual running shoes. I suffered pain after 15mins of running but the blisters were still sore. I used my old runners monday morning and had no problem so I'll think i try the insoles of my usual runners tonight as my arches are nearly recovered now.
    The cushioning of my new trainers is far better and beside the excruciating arch pain I do actually run faster in them

    cheers for advice

  • i get blisters but only on marathon runs and only after around 15-16 miles---i get them on both wee toes and on the heels below the ankle---have tried "more mile" socks---no good--where do you get zinc oxide tape---also will compeed plasters stay on for a full marathon and will vaseline last for this distance or does it need re-applied at halfway---help
  • jimimac

    Zinc Oxide tape is available off the self at any pharmacist, next to the plasters and bandages, if you don't see it just ask.

    I find that I need to put the Compeeds on a day before the long run and walk around as normal if I want them to act as a protection barrier, so far i haven't had any come off during a run and the skin underneath has been a lot better.

    As yet I haven't tried the vaseline option!

    Hope this helps

  • gusher
    thanks for the info----on another thread have heard of "bodyglide"---am going to try this on my feet for a 20m long run-- will post a reply ---but have just done the dublin marathon so will need a couple of weeks recovery
  • Hi all
    Went for a run last night with my new shoes on. This was the third time I have worn them Brooks Trance. I only did 50 mins but manged to get a huge blister on my arch on the inside of my foot. I have never had this problem before so I will try the advice here. Really annoying as my old shoes don't cause this and it is the first time I have worn brooks shoes so do they not suit me? The piggy bank won't stretch to another pair just yet. Could the style of shoe be wrong for me?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Speedy - sounds like you need to break them in a bit more gradually. Wear them around the house and for short runs only at first then gradually build up the mileage, so that your feet have a chance to toughen up in the new places that the shoes press on.

    Gusher - you are so right about the compeeds needing time to "fix". I put one on my favourite blister site for Sunday's half, and still got a blister. Why? Because when I took off my sock, the plaster was stuck to my ankle! I guess it needed more than a couple of hours to weld itself onto my skin.
  • Thanks Nessie but I wonder if it could be the shoes. I normally wear mens shoes as I find them more comfortable but Alexander Sports were selling the Brooks Trance ladies for £20 and although I normally take a 7.1/2 I opted for an 8 as I thought they would be a bit smaller being womens. But then if that was the problem then both feet would blister I would think. But then again because of an infection 2 years ago my left leg and foot is much bigger than the right so maybe the shoe is too big on the right. Can you advise or make any suggestions as I can't afford to buy more at the moment.
  • my arches are much better now! I have put my old trainer insoles in and wear basic plasters on the arches for just-in-case-protection.

    The compatibility with my new trainers is getting better and better with each run as long as I don't over do it. I managed a 7.5mile run on Sat and my feet only started to complain during the last mile.

    My advice to you speedy is to take it easy for a while - let the blisters get better (the compeeds do a really good job) and just do some short runs in the new shoes to get used to them.

    Looking back I should never have done a 7 mile run in brand new shoes - but we live and learn !!!!
  • I have had this problem occasionally on my right arch, both with Brooks shoes and also ASICS. The right foot does tend to pronate a lot though. I have used Zinc oxide but I have found that occasionally it blisters around the plaster - so Vaseline it is and it works. I am also considering Bodyglide as an alternative.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I only get blisters on one foot, regardless of the shoes, because my left leg pronates more. Twice I have bought shoes and gone straight out for a longish run (1st time 4 miles but that was long then, 2nd time 7 miles) and ended up with blisters. New shoes where I have taken the time to build up slowly (2 miles max for first 3 runs) and worn them around the house, I have been relatively blister free.

    Try experimenting with the way you tie your laces to make sure your feet aren't moving around too much, and try the vaseline - it does work.
  • Thanks all I will try changing the insoles and put vaseline on. Also I will try wearing them around the house for a few nights. I can't wear them again until the blister heals a little bit and then I might wear my old ones for a run or two.
  • I've used vaseline on long runs, and touch wood I've never (!) had blisters when I've used it.
  • I get blisters very badly on the left arch only. They appear after two miles and are huge! I get a massive rub - about 2 inches long and 1/2 - 1 inch wide. I ran my first ever five miler on Sunday and at about 2 miles could feel this starting to happen again.

    I have got very good trainers, 1 x asics and 1 x brooks and this happens with both of them. I also use "specialist" socks with a double layer.

    I have tried using surgical spirit and this appears to have made no difference. I feel that compeed or normal plasters could actually cause rubbing or blistering in different ways.

    I am now going to try vaseline. Is the zinc oxide tape going to be similar to using compeeds or plasters?

    What is "bodyglide"?

    I love running and especially now that I have got the huge distance of 5 miles! However the blisters are making it very painful and spoiling my enjoyment.

    Any suggestions/advice gratefully received.

    Scooby loo, sorry if I have asked questions about my problem with this but I did not want to start a new thread about the same topic.
  • Fiona

    Bodyglide is a petroleum free lubricant similar to Vaseline (minus the Petroleum Jelly content!)

    More info at

    I use the Zinc Oxide tape as a protective barrier on my blister prone points on my arches,it offers a good, smooth protection against the rubbing action I seem to suffer from, but at the same time allows the area to breath (that's "sweat" to you an I).

    As yet I haven't had to use Vaseline/Bodyglide.

    Interestingly I recently changed shoes from a neurtal Asics Nimbus to the Asics GT2070's for a very slight pronation (suspicion was this may have led to extra movement/friction in the shoe and that a little support may help). As my right foot always seem to be the worst effected by the blistering, this almost reduced the problem to nil on an subsequent 8 mile run.

    Unfortunately I've now got a strange knee/calf pain in my left leg and the physio suspects it's cos my left foot is neutral, but I've run in a supported shoe. Now I'm off the road for 2 weeks recovering!!

    All this started with the blister in the right arch after the Great North, you just can't win!!

    I only really started running about a year ago and at 38 I'm suddenly begining to feel my age!!
  • Hi Gusher
    I wonder if it is my shoes as I have never worn Brooks before. I have always stuck to Saucony and never had a problem. Maybe the Brooks Trance are the wrong shoes but I don't know to what type of runner they are best suited. I don't think I have a pronation problem of any kind. I just look for a shoe that I think suits a heavy runner. Must look into this a bit more.
  • FionaH,

    Sounds imilar to my right foot problem although not so bad. I have used plasters but as you say I now find this just casues a blister around the plaster. Definitely try the vaseline (actually I use the Physio Friction stuff as it is not quite as greasy as the vaseline but it is not so available these days). I haven't tried bodyglide yet but it is supposed to be a non greasy alternative to vaseline.
  • Hi all
    Just been out for my lunchtime run and I went back to my old shoes and had no problems. Will try the new ones again tomorrow and see what happens. Will put some vaseline on.
  • Gusher and all

    Many thanks for your advice and help, unfortunately a few more questions.

    If Bodyglide is a petroleum free lubricant similar to Vaseline (minus the Petroleum Jelly content)what is the advantage? Does it make it less greasy?

    Do you find the zinc oxide tape stays on or do you have to wind it on a few hundred times?

    Can the edges of this tape cause blisters themselves (like plasters)?

    Many thanks

  • Fiona all I can add to the above is socks....
    I had the self-same blisters, once only, tried to run with layers of plasters wwithout draining, the fluid pushed out into the surrounding skin... very nasty and much more painful..

    I know now my asics 2070 were a size too big, and my socks were knackered!

    I've got thorlo lite socks, and same shoes, size smaller, reslt no more blisters.

    (The run i got them was my first really long one.)
    Long run+stony towpath + rainy hot day+ poor socks + shoes too big.
  • Hi all
    Tried all the above with the new shoes today. I changed my socks, changed the insoles for ones out of my old shoes, put on vaseline and tied my shoes differently - not quite so bad but I only did 40 mins and I could just feel the friction starting nearing the end of the run. So maybe if I keep to this distance for a short while and break the shoes in it might help but I have the strange feeling that it is the shoe that doesn't suit me.
  • Poor Fiona,Speedy
    You must be getting fed-up with this, as if running isn't hard enough anyway!

    I always think with shoes, whether for running or otherwise, if they don't fit the first time, you will be very lucky if they ever get that much better.

    It is so difficult with running shoes, because you really don't know until it's too late. Is it possible the arch support is too high or too far forward? or the shoe too anrrow/wide?

    I'm convinced that I'd taken the "Get your shoes big enough" advice far too far,and I agonised for ages before going a size smaller, but it was right for me.

    I realise this doesn't help you much at the moment, but all worth bearing inmind for the next pair. I'm lucky enought o have a small shop not too far away, all the assistants are runners, not just the owner, all v.knowledgeable.
  • I have just purchased a small variety of weapons in the war against blisters!

    1 Zinc oxide tape
    2 Bodyglide
    3 New socks (again)
    4 Surgical spirit

    My shoes are fine so I think that something else must have changed - unfortunately I cannot identify what.

    I am now going to try 2 pairs of socks, one very thin and one specialist together with the above.

    Something MUST work. If the above works do I have to consider giving up running? (I sincerely hope not I have got up to 5 miles, my furthest yet).

    Many thanks for the help and support from everyone.
  • Hi all
    Well I went for a 6 miler today and although I put on loads of vasaline I still blistered so I phoned a running specialised shop for advice. Seems the shoes are the wrong one for me as he asked what I had been wearing up to now with no problem. Can't remember the technical names he said but it is to do with the arch support in the shoe. Seemingly my old shoes have a support which stops short of the arch and evends out staight the new shoes arch support carries on down past the arch and because this proves too high for me it then causes friction and hey presto - blisters. He told me what kind of shoes not to buy and what to buy. Ie Brooks Addition is ideal but Asics 2070 (is that right) is wrong because he says if I turn my shoes over and look and the arch the ones that don't blister my feet have a flat sole but the ones that do have some kind of bridge (can't remember the word) going right across the foot under where my arch is and this is where the problem comes from.
    So in other words my new shoes will always blister me there and are therefore useless. Guess who needs to go get new shoes pronto.
    Hope this helps others if you can understand it. It made sense when he told me but remembering how he put it is not my good points.
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