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    The healthcare bill has finally been revealed by the Senate, and if anything is more pernicious than the draft passed by the House of Representatives. As to whether they can pass it and spin it to the base (the voting base who will be cut off at the knees, not the moneyed base represented by lobbyists this whole cruel charade is for) is unclear. It seems though anything is possible as proven by Trump campaigning in Idaho to a loyal following rapturously cheering proclamations diametrically opposed to what he said last time he was there. I think Screamapillar has a point about the cult of Trump, a totem of the tough "real man" among a section of America stuck at the High School mentality of jocks and nerds.
    Trump continues his attempt to cackhandedly unbalance, intimidate and discredit Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller over the Russia investigation. That wont work, so it's either fire him or allow whatever is to be revealed to come out and deny, bullshit, blame and hope the Republican party is craven enough (probably) and his base of such blind faith (probably) to ride it out.
  • His latest tweet pretty much proves how unhinged he is IMO:

    Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!

    This is the man who is supposed to be "leader of the free world", who should have no fucking time for this inane shit, wittering on about something that absolutely no-one gives two hoots about but himself. It really sums up the malignancy of his narcissism.

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    Or how about this tweet:

    "Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY,"

    That'll be the Russian meddling that he claims never happened, which the intelligence services issued a statement on in October.

    The man can barely string together a coherent sentence. I honestly think he is mentally unbalanced.
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    Suggesting the Democrats are culpable for, complicit in, or have entirely made up the Russia hack is a recurrent theme for Trump. These new attacks come in response to NYTimes articles about the Obama administration knowledge and handing of Russia's interference. Interesting Trump does refer to "meddling by Russia" which previously he's cast doubt over. Also no coincidence that attention grabbing tweets appear as the Senate reveals the healthcare bill and tries to push it through as quick as possible. Expect further big distractions if the bill comes to a vote.
  • ^^ this is exactly my point JT... I'm betting most of the outrageous tweets are smoke screens and obfuscation to hide backdoor evil.

    When utterly ridiculous tweets escalate, observers would do well to start looking behind the curtain to see exactly what tricks the jumped up little wizards in the background are trying to pull!
  • To be fair those that oppose him are onto the distraction thing. I have the theory that his brain is fitted with a small cassette tape that wipes itself every night. 
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    ^^ this is exactly my point JT... I'm betting most of the outrageous tweets are smoke screens and obfuscation to hide backdoor evil.
    Some of it. Some of it because he always wants to be the days news headline. Some of it just all out whining, spiteful outbursts. All of it because he's a toxic maelstrom of negative character traits steered by a spoiled incompetent fat fuck.

    A go ahead for the travel ban, with caveats, granted by the Supreme Court. America is saved.
  • Yes, JT - you're right, it's also because of his general fuck twattery as well!

    Along with the two things you've mentioned... I've just watched an episode of HIGNFY that showed a clip of his cabinet meeting where they all had to praise him in the most vomit inducing sycophancy - I had to leave the room it was so painful.

    It's weird - I've just come back from two separate trips over there and so many of the population seem normal (for Americans). I spent a lot of time sitting in airports wondering which of the people around me had been unsuspectingly lobotomised... they were all hiding it very well.
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    JT141 said:

     All of it because he's a toxic maelstrom of negative character traits steered by a spoiled incompetent fat fuck.

    Now, JT, I think it's time you came off the fence and told us what you really think of him. :)
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    Nessie said:
    JT141 said:

    a toxic maelstrom of negative character traits steered by a spoiled incompetent fat fuck.

    Now, JT, I think it's time you came off the fence and told us what you really think of him. :)
    To be fair I lifted that line from my departments annual work appraisal.

    Stream of attack tweets on the Dems/Obama/Clinton (colluders, obstructors, liars), undermining Obamacare, upping of "FAKE NEWS" attacks on the media, rolling Fox & Friends retweets. This spew of rancid nonsense is mothers milk to his support. Under the surface there are insufficient Senate votes to pass the healthcare bill, and worrying and conflicting noises from the WH about Syria and Qatar.
  • Breakfast time in Washington at the moment. Standing by for today's Twitter storm saying it's all the Democrats' fault. 
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    Trump's just tweeted about the high profile MSNBC show Morning Joe. Gone after presenters Joe Scarborough, former Rep House member, and Mika Brzezinski, daughter of former National Security Advisor and well regarded journalist. The two presenters are engaged. Trump insults to her are particularly vicious. When attacking a couple, to denigrate and demean the woman routinely seems to be his approach.
  • Did you see him with the Irish journalist the other day? Creep central!
  • So, as a nice looking blonde who is just his type, I am betting Mika has rejected his advances at some stage, hence the bile. 

    Can't understand why the GOP are still enabling this prick to be honest.
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    With Donald Trump Jrs Russian meeting on slow reveal Republican Trump surrogates media response has been to normalise events and regurgitate as fact stories of Clinton selling uranium to Russia and Dems contact with Ukraine officials - campaign smear stories of unclear origin (see Russia) belonging to the original conception of "fake news". It's a dark diseased parody. Speaking of which Sebastian Gorka has been doing the media rounds. You Tube him. He's British, sort of. Has to be seen/heard to be believed (or disbelieved).
  • Wel that's it. After the last two days I no longer care how this ends. Jail, impeachment, a bullet, they're all fine by me.
  • It's the rantings of a lunatic isn't it ? Who knows what his next bugbear will be ? 
    I'd like to see him in a nice padded room with a jacket that ties up behind him. 
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    So, how does Trump compare with JF Kennedy then?
     Niall Fergerson described what the 60's icon was about in last weekends Sunday Times.

    Different era.

    Different media.

    Go figure. But you don't want to, do you?

  • You can have political differences about any President in US history. (Joe Kennedy's corruption rubbed off on his sons). However, only this one has been completely fucking unhinged. 
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    Only the first one which has been completely fucking unhinged, and reveals all on twatter.

  • Firstly, Ferguson is NOT, in any way, saying that Kennedy was "unhinged", that's something you've made up yourself somewhere along the line. 

    Secondly, what are the differences? 

    Kennedy was intelligent. A politician who understood politics and policy. Trump is as dumb as a box of frogs. He doesn't understand how the Constitution works, how the government works, what his own policies are, how you don't invite the head of the FBI to dinner (just the two of you) and try to "get him on your side". He has literally no clue what's going on. He watches TV, plays golf and tweets. He won't read anything above a page long and can't keep his attention on it unless his own name is mentioned frequently.

    He can't get over crowd sizes, disloyalties (perceived and real), the fact that Barack Obama was more popular than him, that Hillary Clinton got more votes. He constantly tries to deflect blame onto them because he doesn't understand accountability or how nobody is looking in that direction any more. 

    He doesn't understand, like Kennedy, and all previous presidents, the importance of a free press. Doesn't understand that they are there to question him and hold him to account, not to approve him. Ultimately, having been in the job for 7 months, he still doesn't understand what being POTUS means, he's still just a spoiled rich kid who thinks he can do what he likes. 

    He lectures boy scouts with inappropriate anecdotes, brags about sexually assaulting women, mocks the disabled, disrespects veterans (transgender ones, Muslim ones, captured ones (John McCain) while dodging the draft 5 times. Kennedy, on the other hand, served with distinction. 

    Kennedy was suffering physical illness, not mental illness. When you consider that FDR basically concealed the fact that he was paralysed while serving 3 terms it means nothing.
    Trump literally falls asleep, passes out or has some sort of "episode" in the middle of a tweet and "covfeve" stays there for hours until he wakes up. He can't find his way to the limo right at the bottom of the aeroplane steps. He can't count, forgets names, wanders out of the oval office without signing the papers he went in there to sign. He stands up after meeting the Israeli President and wanders off again, having to be brought back by his staff.

    Kennedy got the US and Russia to pull back from the brink of war with a secret back channel deal nobody knew about. Trump would have done the deal, blown it by tweeting about it the next day and put Russian fingers on nuclear buttons. Well, no, actually he wouldn't even have done that because he's too stupid.

    It's pretty easy for any historian to find comparisons with political predecessors and it can often provide interesting food for thought but another historian could present just as good a comparison between Trump and Hitler and be just as convincing.

    Finally, just to emphasise again, Niall Ferguson wasn't inviting you to agree that JFK was "unhinged".

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    "What the Trump presidency has revealed most clearly is not the way the presidency has changed as an institution, but the way the American press has changed.
    Or maybe not. Perhaps, if JFK had been a Republican, he would have been treated with the same ferocious animosity as DJT is treated today for much less heinous acts."

    Ta da. Pity these last paragraphs explicitly stating the agenda of the piece weren't first and we could have all saved ourselves some time.
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    Ric, this is apples and oranges. Different arguments The article asserts there are similarities between JFK and Trump in terms of how they acted. My assertion is that Trump is incompetent, unintelligent, possibly mentally ill and unfit to serve. Therefore The ways in which JFK, and every other POTUS is NOT like Trump are much more important.
  • Perhaps it is not the press that has changed. Perhaps it's that the hypocrisy is just far too rank to be ignored. An alternative to that last sentence:

    "Perhaps if BHO had not been black he would not have been treated with
    The same ferocious animosity by the Republicans who would have considered the kind of transgressions they routinely ignore from DJT as a heinous acts".
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    Believe or not Screma I agree with your assertion. However, it's the USA. Insular to the extreme.  But for modern communications we wouldn't have much idea about much going on there at all.

    I'm not saying this issue doesn't matter, just that until Trump does does something really questionable, with drastic negative results, the judgement on his fit for office status remains as being declared "incompetent, unintelligent, possibly mentally ill and unfit to serve".

    Up until now, my hope that he would surprise everyone with his real competency, has been replaced with the view he really is what he always was. Not dangerous, more useless and ineffective.
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    Latest in the Sunday Times from Niall Ferguson, indicates that, willing to give the guy a chance, he's had enough. It's a mess. Official.

    Vice President then. Never has a bucket of warm spit held such potential.

    Isn't it strange that the way the US Presidents are chosen appears to be a system where all sorts are weeded out of the race until there's the choice between either that arsehole or the other.

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    > @RicF said:
    > Latest in the Sunday Times from Niall Ferguson, indicates that, willing to give the guy a chance, he's had enough. It's a mess. Official.

    It's taken you (and your consumption of conservative rhetoric) seven months more than the rest of us, but you finally got there in the end.

    Well done, you. *slow hand clap*
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    The Mooch has gone. 11 glorious days. Got fired by the guy who replaced the guy he got fired. Should have gone to the fucking mattresses. I am genuinely sad because I could do the accent.
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    ...and he didn't officially take up his post until the 15th, so he was actually fired before he started.  Is that a record?
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