Dublin runners - go,go, go!

Good luck to all you folks off to Dublin this weekend. Sure you'll do us all proud.

Oh yeah, good luck with the run too.



  • Yeah, best of luck amigos!!!
    We expect pb info on Monday!!!!
  • I expect to see a definitive answer to the question: "does excess alcohol hinder or enhance performance?"
  • Cheers fellas, appreciate that.

    neilruns, we won't let you down with your research!

  • With the number of you going, this trial should have some statistical validity. However, it is important that everyone drinks to excess at some point, otherwise we won't have complete data.
  • Diito DW
    Dublin here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It would be in the name of science, one group blootered on the morning of the run, and other group stone cold sober. Sober group to drink to excess in the pub afterwards.
  • BUT... Don't go yet or you'll be knackered!
  • Yes, good luck to everyone guys. Looking forward to hearing the results after the weekend!
  • Barkles, I'll volunteer to be in the second group of guinea pigs in your experiment above...
  • For scientific validity we also need a control group - a team of runners who drink to excess this weekend but do not go to Dublin and do not run a marathon.
  • I volunteer for that one.

    This thread needed a boing!!!
  • Good luck with the drinking, um, running I mean!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Good luck everyone - might have to find an internet cafe on holiday to find out how you all got on.
  • Looking forward to a good sesh in Dubs - oh and the Marathon. Thanks all - will report back on Tuesday
  • ...what a friendly bunch runners are.
    cheers nielruns and all.
    i will run me but off!
  • prove to me that gin makes you run faster!!
    good luck, look forward to the reports
  • Good luck to all Dublin runners. Have a great time both in and out of the pub.
  • Another good luck to all you Dublin runners. Hope it all goes ok for you.
  • Best of luck to you all. Expect some interesting stories when you get back, especially from those alternative-darksiders
  • Good Luck with search for whatever Holy Grail you are seeking in Dublin, be it the 4hr marathon or the perfect pint of the black stuff.

    I am looking forwards to you stories.

    I hope you have all entered your estimates in the website to we can see how the reality compares.

  • Good luck from me too. Go for that sub 3.45 Snicks! Please post your reports complete with pub gossip, promptly.

    Enjoy yourselves.
  • good luck you lot even if you did nick the New York 1000th post!!
  • Best of luck from me too!!

    Snicks, sub 3.45 will do nicely.

    Enjoy the craic..

  • No pressure then Laura and RB...shall I tell you about my chest pains, my lethargy, my lingering cold - all the usual stuff! I will try. I'll be either trying to keep up with, or run away from RichK, so might be in with a chance! Thanks geezers!
  • And good luck from me too!!

    Disappointed not to be running, delighted to be told I can start running again by my consultant after this Monday's MRI scan.

    My wife and I will be there this weekend /Monday and hope to recognise a few of you there!
  • all the best for the dublin marathon crew,we'll be in new york by the time you're finished...
  • Lots of you to enter estimates of you times sitll Snicks etc. We want this info, and if you have then your race numbers etc.

    Come on you lot

  • Thanks guys and gals - really nice of you to think of us. When I left the bar after running club (Sports Bar of course, like it makes a difference) it was great coz everybody was wishing those of us that are away to Dub good luck.

    And now it's happening virtually.

    Gives you a kind of warm glowy feeling!!

    I've brought my dictaphone home from work so we can report each mile as it happens. Or will the "Dublin after Dark" de-brief be of more interest?

    KK - good to know you've got some good news at last - hope to meet you both over the weekend.
  • Good luck guy and girls. Have a good one! Tells us all on Monday how you did.


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