too big to run?



  • Thanks for the comments. I work worldwide, sometimes onshore, sometimes offshore on ships or rigs.

    I’m determined to stick to it this time and set an example to my kids.

    I ran this morning and dropped from 10kph to 9.5kph and compketed the run. The second lot of 3 minutes I felt as bad as a 10k pace, stranglely though I felt good on the second 5 minute run and felt I had a bit more in the tank. I’m going to do week 4 day 2 and 3 to consolidate before week 5.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Well done on completing the run. Pace tends to be the key. When I first started running it was on a treadmill and I started off at 9kph and even considering going up to 10kph seemed such a stretch. But it's amazing how quickly your fitness improves and how easier it gets. Stick at it.
  • Got one more run to do on week 4. 9.5kph feels ok. I can feel another speed drop on the horizon for week 5 though.
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