Has rest lead to injury

Good morning all, well I've just got back from what was meant to be my long run but only managed four miles (groin and knee pain that I just couldn't run off)

let me rewind a few weeks, I had that horrible chesty cough/cold virus which was doing the rounds, it just seemed to linger on so after three weeks I decided I'd try and rest to help shift it (I was running through the virus up until this point) 
so I took four days off, which unfortunately was at the end of the week.
the runs I missed were my Thursday (4miles) Friday is a rest day for me, Saturday park run and my long run on a Sunday which is 10.5 miles. 

On the monday the worst of the virus had cleared up and I was left with a slight cough so I decided to go for a run after work, I only ran 5k, then on the Tuesday I ran 10k. 
After both runs I didn't feel good at all, my knee really hurt! 
So I rested it until today, and like I said at the beginning I attempted a long run today but my groin and knee both hurt during the run, I felt a real stiffness in my knee and a dull ache around my groin! 

I warmed up and stretched before all the runs, I haven't changed anything in comparison to my normal running warm ups and downs. 

I'm still rather new to all this running and fear getting injured, especially with my first half marathon just around the corner (9th April) 

it it feels like after a few days off my body has just seized! 

Anyone experienced this sort of thing before, sorry to rabbit on!! Just a bit worried with the half marathon around the corner 



  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    If you've been sitting around a lot, then your muscles will get tight and that will lead to issues with your form. I had some absolutely rubbish runs after Christmas myself.
    I'd recommend booking a sports massage to help free you up a bit.
  • Nigel GNigel G ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon Carl, 

    thank you very much for the reply, sports massage sounds like a plan! 
    Thanks for the advice  :)
  • Nigel GNigel G ✭✭✭
    Just a little update.
    my injury is finally getting better, I finally went to the physio last week (later than I should of) 
    The physio gave me some exercises to do with resistance bands, as well as setting me a run/walk session every day. It's only for 10 minutes. 
    1 minute running then 30 seconds walking.
    I'm back in with the physio week, hopefully I'll still be able to take part on the half marathon. I might not be able to complete the under 2hr target I'd set myself but I'll be over the moon if I can run it and finish :)
  • Nigel GNigel G ✭✭✭
    I managed a 6mile run this afternoon, not the quickest of times, it took me just over an hour.
    But there is less pain, feels like I'm on the mend! 
    If only my half marathon was in two or three weeks and not this Sunday! Oh well I'll just take it easy and enjoy the experience 
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