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I'm relatively new to running but been doing a lot more this year and currently trying to improve my 10K time from slow to not so slow! Have always tracked my runs on MapMyRun which is good for a general idea but am thinking I would benefit from using a simple running watch. I would only want it for running not normal use and want to see my distance, time and speed easily as I'm going. However don't want to spend too much as money is a little tight. Can anybody recommend a budget level watch which is pretty reliable and easy to use for a technophobe - was thinking maybe a last year's model might be a good bet for me? Thanks in advance.


  • I was in the same position about 9 months ago. I looked at the cheapest garmin forerunner a the time (the 10?) but was put off having to plug it into a computer to transfer data. When I started looking at slightly more expensive models I came across a good deal on the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, which as the name suggests has a built in heart rate monitor. Its not the nicest looking watch, and would have preferred one of the different colours to the red and white, but they were more expensive. But I only use it for running so don't really care too much how it looks. Its great though, works really well and the charge lasts quite a long time. The bluetooth sync used to be quite slow, but a new version of the phone app seems to have improved that. You can get it at SportsDirect and Sweatshop at the moment for £80 - I dont think you will find a GPS sports watch with built in HRM for less than that.
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    Thanks, will have a look
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