How to stop neck chaffing with a backpack...

I am mixing up my training by running to and from work. Now it's started getting warmer I've ditched the jacket and I'm finding my backpack is rubbing on my neck a lot.

It's an osprey escapist (the backpack not my neck). Does anyone have a solution to the whole rubbing issue? Do you guys wear a buff? Is there a more running friendly backpack?

I have to carry clothes, a lightweight laptop and occasionally a textbook or two so using something else isn't really an option.



  • Sounds like it comes up too high for you ? I've never had rubbing from my pack - its an OMM one. 
    Does running with the laptop work for you ? I'd be afraid of shaking it to bits ? 

    A buff might be a solution - for swimming I wear a rash vest under my wetsuit and that stops neck rub ?
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    I've done a handful of run-commutes from the train station (3.5-4 miles), similarly with a backpack. I've found wearing a top with a collar stops the chafing that I otherwise get on my shoulders/neck wearing a normal running t shirt. My top is long-sleeved but I'm sure there are similar short sleeved ones more suitable for summer running.
  • A lot of the trail running tops have a small neck which is designed to stop packs chafing - or you could try applying copious quantities of Body Glide or wearing a buff.
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  • For the cost of copious quantities of Body Glide you'd be able to afford a new bag. Or a chauffeur to work.. 

  • Best thing I found with my Osprey (Talon 22) on run commutes is to wear a t-shirt that has a slightly higher neck line. My t-shirts tend to wear out on the lower back, and after 6 months of running to and from work 3 or 4 times a week they end up with two holes where the backpack has rubbed.
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