Salomon ADV skin 5

So I've just bought a Salomon ADV skin 5 without hydration as I have a Salomon bladder from another bag I bought (which was Salomon) thinking that I could save the money and just use that.

It arrived yesterday and I have put my bladder into and it is the correct size of 1.5L but the pipe is crazy long and there is no where to hold down the pipe to stop is flapping about.

I contacted Salomon to see what the bag that does come with the hydration how that attaches the pipe, and she didn't know. As apparently the bag never comes with a bladder and just comes with 2 soft water bottles that fit in the pockets at the front.

I don't want to use the flasks as it would be awkward as having boobs then water bottles on top of them and starting to feel like i've got life vest on!

Getting to the point...

Does anyone use this bag with a bladder in the back?

If so what do you do with the pipe and have you had to cut it down? is that even possible?




Here we go...



1:41- Half

3:42- Full

First 50k booked in for August 2017


  • Sorry to hijack this as I have no idea how to add a new discussion however I have also just bought one of these and unlike you I bought it mainly because it has bottles at the front although I’m prey sure my nice and cheap decathlon hydration vest camel pack will fit the vest.

    Anyway I digress, I’ve just come back from a run testing out the Skin 5 and I have to admit I hated it.

    Firstly it was definitely pressing against my back and very warm so I’m not sure if it’s the long sleeve base layer I always wear when running but my back was warm before I even started the activity.

    I just couldn’t get it right, and felt a little sick a few times which could be where I was pulling the Synches too tight. At no point did the pack ever seem to be part of my body and no matter how tight I pulled I just couldn’t get it felt better the more I pulled the top bit together and slackened off the bottom but there was still movement and I’m pretty sure anything over ten miles and my nipples would start hurting.

    So all the good things I’ve heard I’ve not been able to discover so what am I doing wrong?
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