When you need motivion!!!

Well, after almost a year of no exercise and 2 stone better off for the privilege, I feel its time to get back on it. Not that I ever got to the point where I was even in the acceptable category but I feel regular exercise is needed once again.

I had so much enthusiasm to train for an Ironman a couple of years back but after an annoying asthma outburst on my first sprint tri when hitting the cold water forcing me to pull out and combining that with moving house, a young family and let face it a bit of laziness I have well and truly fell off the wagon.

I feel like Ironman is something I have to do one day though and feel nothing else will come close so at 27, although naturally very unfit, I feel I have a fantastic chance of achieving the goal.

I am writing this as almost a bit of self therapy to push me into the correct mind set once again and try and get myself on track. I am unhappy with my weight and my fitness at the moment and feel the time has come to focus on a goal. I wont beat about the bush, the open water swimming is my big fear. I am confident I can get there in terms of swimming but worry my asthma holds me back. Obviously the best way is to give it another go, on the sprint tri, time got away from me and I forgot to take my inhaler prier to the race and ended up rushing a little last min, jumped into the cold lake and my chest just tightened up and I struggled to breathe. Lack of prep was most likely to blame.

I think the I am going to spend a lot of time on the bike building up my base fitness. My sister is doing the great north run this year so I think it will be nice to join her on training runs and hopefully get to half marathon distance with her. Finally I need to get back to swimming as well for a couple of hours a week.

Has anyone got some good beginner advice and how to best enjoy the beginning months


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