10k Run in 4 weeks?

I have a charity 10k run on the 4th June, Roughly 4 weeks away. Recently every time i run my shins and calves get extremely tight so i took a few days off. I decided my legs felt better yesterday so went for a short run and again straight away my legs started playing up again and just below my knee caps started to hurt. I thought it would be best to take a bit of time off running to recover. I am now slightly worried that i won't be able to finish the 10k for charity without my legs causing issues. Is it possible i could still do the 10k race or would it be best to give it a miss? I would be disappointed if i couldn't do it so i'm willing to try anything that could help.


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    Have you tried seeing a physio? Worth booking  a session with one. Also perhaps worth trying KT taping for runners knee- look on you tube, and see if that helps. You don't say how much training you had managed before this happened, but if you haven't done one before, and haven't been able to train properly, it will be a big struggle, I'm afraid.
  • I have been running more or less every other day for about 2 weeks and been doing 5k park runs, I have completed 10k in the past but only once and that's going back a few years. I think i have done a little to much running since i started again a couple weeks ago and that's what caused the leg problems. I'm resting at the minute and then will start training again once my legs have improved. I guess i can only try and if i feel like i'm not confident enough to do the 10k i will leave it this year and try again net time.
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    I think the problem is that running for 6 weeks is not really enough to train for a 10k , if you are starting basically from scratch- it takes at least 6 weeks for your legs to build some musculo- skeletal adaptations to the stresses of running, so you wil almost ceratinly end up injured if you try to go from nil to 10k in 6 weeks. Next year- start your running at least 3 month in advance! For this year- you will probably need to walk large chunks of it, if you decide to go ahead.
  • I agree, I presumed i would be fine as i'm quite fit already and i am walking around for 9 hours a day at work. How i was wrong haha. Anyway i'm going to give it a miss this year and start from scratch. Thanks for your advice.
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    OK- hope you get on better next time- let your legs recover, then start very gently biulding up the miles. Good luck.
  • My shins also sore after every run.  Normally 4 to 7km runs.
    I have tried different warm up and cool down stretches but shins always sore afterwards. 
    I run 3 times a week.
    Any tips on sore shins welcome
  • It all depends on a variety of things guys. Your age, how much running you're used to, what weight you are, diet, how much time you give yourself to recover etc etc.

    If you're just starting running from a previously sedentary lifestyle and are carrying a bit of excess weight whilst using lager and cheeseburgers as recovery drinks and meals then you're going to encounter physiological problems with your recovery and thereafter your follow on runs.

    Its really a case of listening to your body and not trying to battle through obvious issues. You will just cause increased problems and ultimately be in a 2 steps forward 3 back type situation.
  • sore shins means shin splits and that means 2-3 weeks off running. 1-2 weeks off running absolutely and off any sports - you should ice and then apply heat to the shins at different times. Only then you can start cycling a little or swimming 3 times a week - no more! and when you massage the shins and press on them very hard and they don't feel sore, then you can start running again - but not sooner. But if they feel super sore then they are inflamed and you risk aggravating injury and breaking a leg from an overused tendon... (physio's words). Plus after every run and exercise - foam rolling! stretching! and hot/ice baths for the tendons - they take much longer to recover than muscles.
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    I have a 10k in April, will be my 1st. I only started running seriously in November cos someone I know offered me personal training for free so I thought I mite as well. 

    Since starting my PT has been on cautious side not thinking I can manage as much as I can. I struggle with long runs but can run more after a break. I have done a 5k last month which was a mix of slow jog and fast walk 50 minutes which I’m pleased with as when ever I’m running I try to keep to the speed of 1km every 10 min. I did run 2km in last PT before Christmas which was the session my PT really did seem to relax and push me to do more as he knew I could manage it. Best bit is we planned for me to do 1.5 km and towards end my PT kept saying he thought I could manage 2km I think he wanted me to say I’d do 2km but I didn’t so he was like undecided about route to take short 1 would have been 1.5km longer one 2km. By this time I wasn’t bothered which I would have been happy to finish sooner but felt I could manage a bit more. He decided the longer way. I have done quite a bit of jogging over Christmas and New Year. Should be having first PT of this year on Tuesday I’m hoping to jog all 10k by April which will also mean I could do with longer than an hour PT which I have been wanting. 
  • You have just got to stretch more and get your body used to it!
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    I’ve got a 90 min target for the 10k. Honestly don’t know if I’ll manage that. Been having personal training but that finished this week. It’s been more just someone to run with as he’s done it free. The 10k is what my PT organises every year to mark anniversary of him getting brain injury so I want to be part of it as I have benefited from what he’s done since.

    I’m on my own practicing til end of next month. Could help as I can push myself and see how much I can manage rather than having to make sure I’m ok to run set distance on set days. Got few sessions with PT nearer time as long as I manage it in 100 min I’ll be happy.
  • very informational thread, am a fairly new beginner and aiming to run 10k in the next 3 months
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