Bike riding - how to harden your butt off for long bike rides?

I have entered a 100 mile bike ride ( I think I would find running it easier ) and I went out on my bike yesterday and did 18 miles and cannot sit down today!!!

I haven't suffered with chaffing anywhere (thankfully ) and have got a chaffing stick for that but how on earth do you harden your butt off to that it doesn't hurt?  It's like the bones on my butt are too boney  lol

I have a superduper gel saddle that I tested out ( the saddle before was really painful ) but I know I've got to build up

anyone got any tips?


  • Does the bike fit you properly ?  If the bars are too near or too high then theres more weight on the bum.
    Is the seat the right height for you ?  If its too low you'll never really be supporting your weight on them. 

    What were you wearing ? Cycling kit has thin padding without any seams that will rub. No underwear !

    Apart from that - yeah you need to build it up.
  • What cougie said. If the set up right then just miles on the saddle... I have a small hard man's one...didn't take long to get used to it....managed thousands of miles fine....but if I have a few months away from the saddle then first ride back and I'm in a bit of pain and takes a while to HTFU
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    It might sound daft but what is the padding in your shorts like? Expensive shorts might seem to be an extravagant purchase but after 35 miles you will never regret it. 
  • As others have said, make sure the bike is the right size and adjusted properly. Take the bike into a good local shop and they should get you sorted. Also make sure you have a good seat. I would never use one of those narrow cavalier ones, but don't go for something with too much cushion like a gel either as you want a firm but comfortable ride. They make wider seats for female riders as well. I've never tried the fancy ride shorts so I can't comment on them.
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    Ah, no underwear!  That's the answer to a question I've never liked to ask!!  Thanks, cougie.

  •  :D 
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